If I can do this nobody can hurt me.

Get higher than them energetically.

It is determined by the tone of their voice and intensity inside them.

Keeping the tone of the voice standard because you dont want to missconvery the feeling that you are angry or some sort of agression with absolute high intensity.

When I meet new people I dont open up quite easily, that convey them a wrong feeling of they are better and they know it all.

So sometimes they speak something or give some biased opinion.

This is the reason I felt a little bad with one parents and one of my friend when I was staying with him in bbsr.

I talked to niki well because the intensity is always higher.

the problem associated with this is some of their words get missed because they come with very subtle intensity.

That is necessary to avoid while dealing with people because they sometimes say right thing but they mean something wrong…

It is better to treat them based on what they think.

I am not stopping here.

I have the clarity of life that nobody have access to yet.

I must take advantage of that.

It might upset some people who want to feel superior but eventually it is besy for them to understand that they really lack clarity.

Shanti is the best example of intensity without clarity and balance… a disaster way of living.

Niki is intense without clarity but balance, it helps.

And I am the example of Clarity and intensity witout necessary balance.

In the fundamental system Clarity comes first then Balance and then intensity.

But my balance is way more better than others, I might not be the best in intensity with somany people but I absolutely stand out when it somes to clarity.

Unfortunatly, life anyway make you intense this is the default setting of life.

Balance is something you have to bring. and clarity is something that you have to look for.

Most people dont even know that they have to look for it.

So, clarity is the field when someone wants to talk to me about it, I need to higher my intensity than them just to let them know the reality.

People anyway can’t hurt me.

The fact is that the level of depth I get into, I need a certain quality of balance.

Rest you are killing it.

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