You can be a monk anywhere

I am at such a stage in my life, where going into the material world is just impossible. Because I could clearly see the unnecessary mess that has been created.

I would never like to make myself a part of it.

But I can’t deny the fact that money matters.

So one can dwell between that Should I go after money or should I go to some ashram and start sadhana?

I had this confusion until now.

Sadhana is not only what you do sitting.

If I can go after the goals in life without getting distracted, fully conscious and focused on them that would be a great way of approaching life.

once Vivekananda said, football players, are better than spiritual people. Because of their single-mindedness, absolute focus, deep sense of involvement and intensity.

If you can do these in anything, you are on the spiritual path.

even if I move to isha I know for a fact that
1. I am not going to meet sadhguru.
2. I am anyway going to volunteer.

Which can be very much done outside the IYC as well. The only thing I can get there is the support of meditators and the consecrated place.

But I can make my life cheerful and consecrated and approach life with absolute focus, single-mindedly, with a deep sense of involvement, and unwavering intensity.

I am going to be what I always wanted to be and for sure I am going to be the best at it.

I know I just have to be the way I am supposed to be.

Balance, Clarity, Intensity

Hopefully, I will get a guru in my life and I will see the fundamental part of life that just seems dark from here yet beautiful as hell.

Asatoma Sadhgamaya

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