How people think is so miserable

At an early age I found some amazing books like ” The monk who sold his Ferrari”

This was the beginning of my thinking in a different style.

This was the time I started holding the key to my life.
I can’t deny the fact that when I did not have the key I was doing wonderful and the universe was supporting me.

But nonetheless, when I hold the key I got freedom and it brought me consciousness.

from there I kept reading about authors and their brains. how they think.
It did not take me too long to think at their level.

After all these years I was even thinking better than the authors. I could understand the paradox in their writing.

but then there was a guy who destroyed the fundamentals.

It was sadhguru.

His speeches and books of them start from the fundamental fact that we are alive.

For a long time, I struggled to understand how does he get that kind of knowledge.

How could someone be so much aware of life?

His perspective towards life is so subtle that usually people just miss it.

It took me enormous effort and attention to be able to understand his perspective of seeing things.

It is always essential to listen from the author’s perspective, otherwise, there is a 100% possibility that you will misinterpret it.

In the mid-way, you will end up twisting the entire intention to a wrong meaning.

I studied sadhguru. his ideas and intentions and then it was very easy to understand what he is up to. why he is doing this?

Now, when I talk to some people who speak some rubbish theories of the west, I just feel terrible.

I am in fact sorry about the fact that the pace with which these people are learning life is going to cost them their entire lifetime to understand the only word “life”.

What bothers me more than that is that a lot of people are not going to figure it out either.

But what can we do about it? constant efforts are going on to put the seed inside rest they are the people who need to be willing to take care of the rest.

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