Why am i getting attracted to other gender so much?

This was a question from one of my very close ones.
Well, the answer to that is ” this is how the entire nature works.

A feminine would get attracted to masculine and vice-versa, that is how nature completes itself.

But the understanding of people is very much limited to bodies and that is why this question arises.

Imagine when someone wants sex, they always go crazy.

The intensity goes higher, they feel like eating the whole body but nothing comes inside their mouth. They put their hands here and there, squeeze this and that, and still when they just can’t handle the craziness they put the penis inside the vegina and start going to and fro. That is when the energy dissipates, and eventually, after ejaculation, the energy reduces to such a significant level that the person doesn’t feel like doing it again.

The same goes for a girl’s body. It seems to attract someone with a great desire. It opens it up. Submit herself. Let the other person do whatever he wants. She just wants him to eat her, and let the person merge inside of her.

Essentially, you will see when you are most horny, you feel the craziest.
There is a sense of feeling that I will just want to merge but it is not being possible. You are just rubbing yourself on the outside surface.

This is what is needed to be understood.
I did not want to write this blog to talk about sex but that attraction that you feel for a very small time but the experience is very subtle and significant.

That experience is of trying to get immersed inside the feminine.
And every feminine body gets ready to accept the soul and open itself up.

If you talk about science then low-energy bodies are more stable.

The human system also seeks stability. But it is one pole and the other pole is the other gender, which is why they inevitably move towards the other gender with a great intensity of merging within each other to get stability but unfortunately, they just collide because of the outer surface and have sex at the end.

People who are on the spiritual path are not inclined to sex.

Do you know why?

Generally, people think ” how can they control?

Well, they don’t control they just raise them above.
The desire to merge
with the other gender or to bring stability. They don’t use the source inside the other gender but the bigger source present inside nature.

Bhakti yoga, Gyana yoga, Karma yoga, Kriya yoga.

You can choose any path and I can bet you, you will not have a single thought of sex if you have submersed yourself with a great intensely.

Even if you see people having sex, you will feel pity for them that ” these people are hustling too much to merge but they can only touch the surface, how unfortunate is that?

The desire for sex is a great possibility to experience and understand the drives of the energy system. But usually, people fuck too much and exhaust themself. Never let that energy store inside them to see higher possibilities.

That has been a problem for human beings.

When you are lower, they want high. And when you give higher, they can’t withstand.

It needs a great level of balance to handle such power.

This power can be channelised in various directions, to experience various things as long as people don’t feel enough with a sexual organ.

Unfortunately, they do.

No marriage is normal, Marriage is the question!

When I say “I will not marry“, most people just can’t believe it.
They can’t see someone living without having sexual desires.

The problem with people is that they want to follow the herd without asking a single question, and they generalise it.

Everyone is having their hair cut so one girl said to me why don’t you cut your hair?

That is not the question, you should ask others why they cut their hair because everyone grows hair but why do they choose to cut it?

People ask why don’t you marry?

You should ask people “why do you want to marry?
Because by default you are an individual in nature, and that is how you are supposed to live.

This is that concept when all the people go crazy in the hospital they prove the doctor to be crazy because he is different.

I feel more pity than anger for these people how long you will keep your eyes closed my friend? please open up. You just can’t see what you have offered.

This beautiful creation that nobody knows how it manifested is presented to you.

When you see it, the drive towards another person is not a thing for you. This is what is called rising above them not trying to control them.

You don’t just feel superior but you be superior and that is when you see the other gender is also a piece of creation with a different structure.

Orgasm is a game for kids.

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