Hating me may close a door for you.

It is amazing if you love me. It is okay if you don’t love me. But it is not good for you if you hate me.

Hating me makes you go far from me.

I know for a fact that, I could be a possibility for some people.

When I am using the word “I”, I am refering to the body that I carry not the ego.

The clarity that I have towards life can open up another dimension of life for you.

Unfortulately, some of the people have gone away because of the past engagement. I am trying hard to bring them in.

Now, I don’t look at anyone as a friend or a guy of same age.

The age factor just goes away once you hit 20’s.

Because you will find various of people with various of experience and intelligence despite of they are younger or older.

Fortunately, I have some experience that opened my life up.

I am very much willing to help other to open that dimension but I can’t do anything unless they let me step in.

It is not a better alternative but the reality in true nature.

You have hit the ceiling here.

What you can’t see is, you have already hit the ceiling. There is nothing beyond that.

All you are going to do is…

  • Earn your living.
  • Earn a little more than someone else.

That is it.

If you can see this, my suggestion to you is, there are more possibilities to life.

Please don’t end it here.

You must understand that you are blessed with a body on earth.

Millions of years passed, now you born and in next 100 yeras you will not be here any more. The earth still exist for another million years.

Would you like to waste this gift by competing with someone.

I am not saying, money is not important nor your dreams or desire are not important.

It is about seeing the truth.

First you see the truth, then you anyway have to do something, and trust me it will bring so much of what you desire.

Why am I writing this on blog not on social media?

This message is not for everybody, only some can understand this and relate to it.

Whoever relates they will move a step forward and these are not the people who are lazy.

I know very less people are going to see these articles but whoever sees them, they are ready for it.

What is in me?

I am very much an ordinary man.

Yet, i am a spiritual being. If my thought process does not attract you, there is rare chance some other spiritual person can attract you.

If it happens, that is the amazing. And I would wish for the same.

However, this is what I am afraid of.

Even if the character was not good, the thinking pattern should attract you.

If it doesnot happen, then it is the Karma of that person.

Which is not good or bad but it will take too much time for that being.

It is my wish all of you read this fall in to the trap of spirituality because that’s when you know the freedom to life is through this trap.

The reason I called this a trap because once you fall in to it… no way you are getting out.

All the best, lots of love.❤️❤️

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