Dissolving is the way to End or Ultimate.

How to be anxious?

Well, you need some substance to be anxious. There have to be thoughts in your mind, which have to go in the loop for you to become anxious, overthink or turn into depression.

From here that thought comes?

Everyday life.
What happens to you today is going to be on the top of the list of your thoughts for anxiety.

Every day something happens to us, and every day we have an assumption that what may happen to us, is the source of everything.

Why do poor people entangle in small-minded thoughts?

But imagine…
1. you don’t consume anything today at all?
2. What if you don’t know what is going to happen to you tomorrow, complete uncertainly?

There are no thoughts to wonder about.

But your mind needs something because it is not accustomed to silence.

That is when you pick up the most minor thing that is happening to you to wonder about.

That is when you see people fighting for personal reasons seem small compared to people who are talking about business, start-ups, economy etc.

But these are not two different things.

The journey to the Ultimate or The End.

When you reduce your contact with everything you start to receive less information to wonder about.

That is when you need to start dissolving yourself.

You need to be still and balanced.

if this won’t happen then you will go panic and destroy yourself because you will be stuck in the middle.

However, if you let yourself fall free. Be in balance then you reach a state that I am not aware of but it is something significant.

Essentially, you don’t pick up thoughts from outside and you are balanced enough to not look for something to wonder about. Absolutely clean of thoughts. Just No-Thing.

Bringing an extreme level of balance is something that I need help with.

But the thing is when I dissolve myself the “I” part will also be dissolved.

If it did not, I would be in serious trouble. This is nothing but the identity that is attached to me.

The fun fact is if that happens then this blog will stop.

I don’t know what will happen. Let’s just step into the uncertainty.

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