Day 0: How to get selected as a Isha Volunteer?

Volunteer selection process at Isha Yoga Center.

It happens in 3 stages.

Completing Inner Engineering.

This step is to separate serious meditators from non-serious people.

The Ashram is made with certain care and they are very much careful to protect it the way it is.

It needs compassion, dedication and intensity. Everyone can’t cope with that.

Application of Volunteering.

They have an on line form for volunteering both long term and short term.

In long term there are…

  • Poornanga( 3 years)
  • Longterm ( months)

In short term there are…

  • Devi seva (8days)
  • Linga seva (8 days)
  • Sadhana/General (3 days)

You can fill the details and they will reach bak to you.

Interview call.

They will call you and ask you below listed questions.

  • Have you completed your inner engineering?
  • Have to initiated to Sambhavi Mahamudra Kriya?
  • Have you completed you mandala?
  • Are you regular with your practices?
  • How long you sit silent in the last stage of Sambhavi mahamudra?

This is definitely an illigiblity criteri but this is for you more than them.

So, be honest with yourself and then apply for volunteering.

It will help you receive the best at the Ashram.

My experience of Selection.

Applying for the Volunteering.

After the Naga Consecration in the bangalore ashram, I got a glimps of how Isha Ashram would be.

Every volunteer in the Naga Consecreation would be doing Namaskaram with a smile. It just fills your heart with love and joy.

People of Isha who are there for a long time now, even if they are old, they dont look old.

So, I had to experience the ashram Volunteering as well.

9th was the Naga Pratistha, I applied for Linga seva volunteering on 14th October.

Interview call.

Two days later I got the interview call.

Answer to their last question I said 5-6 minutes.

I thought my selection will not happen because of a lot of application?

But the next day I got the message.

This did not have any dates with it.

Now, I know that I am selected for the Linga seva but I did not know when!!

While filling up that form you select a date as well but I had forgotten that.

Soon, I got a call and she confirmed me the dates and basic instruction.

She also sent me a whatsapp message as well.

It has…

  • What are the timings?
  • What to wear?
  • What to bring?

I also wanted to know more about the extension of the stay but they did not replied anything to me then.

What were my feelings?

I was feeling too much excited.

I watched a video of sadhguru telling what will you get from dhynalinga. I cried watching that.

I was regular with my practices and started sitting still when I had nothing to do.

Sometimes I was feeling am I going to accepted and sometimes I was feeling I will not be accepted?

But I was happy that this was one thing that I had in my checklist and this is about be fulfilled.

A few thought for anyone who wants to apply.

You don’t need to worry about anything just do your own part and have patience and let them do their thing.

It will always be on your favour.

Don’t judge. Even they want everyone to visit and be here only but everyone has limitations right.

So, chill you will be selected and also get a chance to touch siva himself.

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