Married Monk

Married monk is an idea for every human being on this planet who wants to live. When I use the word live, I am not referring to the survival process of an animal but an act of being a conscious Human being.

Humans are referred to as beings. This means one can be the way one wants. But seldom you will find them living, and dying often. Living has become a torturous process.

They always say…

  • “How you should work?” – You should work hard.
  • “How you should study?” – You should study hard.
  • “How you should try something?” – You should try hard.

Nobody is teaching you… “Work joyfully, Study joyfully, try something joyfully, Play joyfully“.

If you do everything hard instead of joyfully, misery will be inevitable in your life. That is why, instead of living the life, most people are dying.

The entire time they are just rushing towards their own death and there is a race in which they want to come first.

If life is the race then what is the endpoint?

Obviously, death is not it.

A way to be alive

So, married monk is an idea to save you from dying in everyday life, and give you the freedom that you always wanted to have but never asked verbally.

This book will open up the things to a great extent that you have not known so that you can know them better, and the dimensions that you have never experienced before.

When I am saying the dimensions that you have never experienced before, it is not something that you can’t experience by yourself!

But because of the societal cloud, they were not visible, and you have been so occupied by the societal ideas of living life, that you have not even spent a second thinking about the possibilities.

  • Possibilities of knowing something beyond.
  • Possibilities of knowing something that is not perceivable through sense organs.
  • Possibilities of knowing the truth that exists in front of us but we have ignored to see.

Which needs a certain amount of attention to make itself visible in front of your eyes.

How I turned Spiritual!

1. My Village.

Like every other person on the planet, I have grown up in the same way.

In fact, my childhood was full of freedom which not many children get nowadays since they are staying in cities.

I grew up in a small village called Daduan, which was the epitome of a typical Indian village. Where you will find a forest, agricultural land, mud houses, a river, and a spring in the jungle.

Every now and then you would see a wild animal in a situation that would threaten you for life and death.

2. Childhood

In that kind of scenario I grew up, and in every season there used to be some kind of fruit that you will find in the jungle for which we strive too much to eat. Once we came from the jungle, we swim in the river for hours until our eyes get red and we start seeing blur.

Most of my friends left their studies after the 10th and found out their way of living. But my parents have completed 10th in their own time so they wanted me to study further. So I studied 12th in science and then Engineering.

During this entire time, I have done everything that a kid can do in his school days. I tried different types of games, Extra cultural activities like singing and dancing, and a few extra activities like love and relationships and I was good at everything.

Then a time came in engineering when I started getting serious about life.

I wanted to have a good career where I can earn more money have a good relationship with a girl and live life happily.

Most of my friends were still in school mode of enjoying and having fun not preparing for the upcoming challenges and opportunities.

3. Riding the Internet wave.

During college when everyone was busy having a relationship, playing games, dancing singing, I have done and dusted everything. Somewhere I knew that I was rushing, moving ahead of time.

This is the time when the internet started getting famous in India and I ride the wave. I did not get famous but I knew the in and out of it. Every possible opportunity of making money online. Be it youtube, blogging, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, Digital influencer, memer, gamer, digital mentor, digital marketer, freelancer, video editor, website developer and so on.

I have tried many of them myself to get in-hand experience and I knew by the end of the last year of my engineering that I am not choosing the conventional path but I am going to do something on my own. I would be starting a company by myself.

I did everything and I was doing good but then one thing I used to find in each of them that disturbed me a lot.

4. Leaving the opportunity.

I used to feel boredom after everything.

I remember people saying to me, ” Why are you leaving every profession when you are doing so well?”

That is true.

I have always jumped from one profession to another.

Because every time I reach a certain stage, it just becomes a repetitive process.

You just keep doing it again and again.

There is no uncertainty, no challenge, and no excitement.

And I was not ready to settle down. There was a rush inside of me to look for something that I don’t know about. But I knew for sure this was not it.

5. The big city.

Since I had to do something to make money, I started a business and it was working well. During this, I had to visit Bangalore once and their events started happening one after another in such a way that I was dragged into spirituality.

I knew Sadhguru for a long time but did not take him seriously. But because I was a sceptic, this man just shook all of my ideas of life and gave me a different perspective of seeing the world.

I started reading more about him and his writings.

The more I read him and heard him, I was just dragged towards him.

There was something I was feeling this is not it, he was addressing the same question every time.

There will be times in your life you will realise that when you are doing in the name of life is not real, it is just a game that you are playing, he was saying people to know when it happens and it was happening to me right then.

I heard him more and more, and suddenly the person who never liked to go to any temple and never believed in any religious stuff started becoming more and more spiritual.

Initially, I was hit by the intellect but then something happened after which all the doors behind me closed and it was ensured that I was not going back.

6. The Spirituality hit.

It was a normal day in the morning. My parents were not home. I was on my bed doing nothing but watching Sadhguru exclusive.

Suddenly, I felt like I should do inner engineering. I enrolled online and right away started the course.

The course started with a beautiful chant which went like…

Asatoma sadhgamaya, Tamasoma jyotirgamaya, Mrutyurma amrutangamaya.

I just cried like a baby.

Tears came out of me in such a way that I could not hold myself. I felt something so real that I had no explanation for it.

I was freaking out and at the same time, I was enjoying the tears.

That impact stayed with me. I went to the shower after the session and tried to cry and tears did not come but it still felt good.

I can assure you, that was 100 times better than orgasm.

I could not wait from that day to get initiated into Sambhavi Mahamudra, and then I joined Nagapratistha, and then I reached Sadhguru Ashram which is Isha yoga centre in Coimbatore.

7. I was ready to die.

I was sitting inside Dhynalinga with a singing bowl in my hand offering Nada to the linga and a snake came inside the dome.

All of a sudden the entire crowd jumped up and created chaos inside the dome.

Everyone is scared of snakes, and so do I. Everyone loves their life, and so do I.

But at that moment, I was experiencing something different inside me.

I was so involved in the process of offering that I did not feel like getting up and kept the offering going.

I was in fact ready for the snake bite and was ready for the consequences also. This just did not feel important to me.

A unique sense of devotion blasted inside me making me more compassionate.

I felt a weight in my eyelashes and the moment I closed them, two drops of tears rolled down my cheeks and it kept happening once in a few seconds.

I was so still and involved that for a moment I felt like, I just wanted to be seated and let the whole life pass away.

I just wanted to be there, where time was not a parameter of life.

8. Pursuit of Freedom.

From jumping from one profession to another, to breaking the monotony of life to setting down and doing absolutely nothing in front of Dhynalinga was the transformation that happened to me.

This was the fulfilment I was looking for my whole life.

It just sounds rubbish but the whole time this part of my life was longing to merge into something.

For the rest of the time I was very still and settled. There is no more longing.

This life that was restless about something more, something more has come down to a certain stillness.

It is very intense yet at ease.

Now, I know for a fact, this is it.

That was the day when I started living in such a way that no matter what happens around me it does not affect me. I am not dependent on anyone or any situation to happen around me to be happy, I am just dancing whenever I am feeling like it. I am living like a kid who does not care about anything but lives every second of his life to the fullest. I left all the worries, anxieties, and pains behind and felt true freedom within myself.

And this is the freedom I want you to have.

I can’t make you enlighten but I can assure you if you live by this book you will live the most wonderful life that you possibly could imagine.

I will help you do this in three ways…

  1. To ask you to observe and understand.
  2. To stable your attention and consciousness, and
  3. To resume where we will talk about something that is beyond both of our understanding but really makes sense.

I would not want you to live as I am telling or forcing you anyway but just opening up a path as a way of being so that you can experience something beyond a regular human experience.

Are you ready to step in?

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