Save yourself from misery!

Being in present.

Well, we can neither be in past nor in future. The reality is such, no matter what we have to live in present.

The reason people say this because they are having sadness from the past experience and anxiety of what is going to come next.

The problem is not with your memory nor with your ability to think to the future.

They are infact your super power that no animal has on this plannet.

We, human are suffering the two most amazing gift of the nature

  1. Vivid sense of memory,
  2. Fantastic sense of imagination.

We are supposed to use them to solve critical problems, to do important things, to make our life better.

Philosophy does not work on emotion.

This is an arguement on intellectual level.

If you have something heart breaking on emotional level, nowhere I can help you with any arguement but I can help you with an emotional touch.

Emotions are 100% self created.

When I broke up, for a guy like me, it feels like I can move on easily but It did not happen.

I became an ignorant and started looking for the answers…

I got just perfect answer from sadhguru.

he says that when you are invested in something… it could be in terms of physically, emotionally, intellectually, they leave certain information in our brain.

These memories (information) are no where leaving you.

Some memories will stay there forever. Especially the physical touch.

Action step.

Anyways, we can’t undo what has happened in the past, neither we would try to because every experience is unique.

But, we can be careful when we are touching someone. We can be careful while investing in others emotionally.

Often people get feelings after sex! why ?

When our bodies gets such strong unique memory, it gets imprinted in our mind and take time to fed away.

Until it feds away, you are going to take time and hold up.

Save yourself from investing time, energy, being physical or being emotional in order to let that memory fed away till some extent.

Be careful.

From now onwards it is vary much important for us to be careful while touching or talking to people, and be conscious in order to remove the unnecessary loop of thoughts damaging our peace.


Swapneswar Barik.

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