The Moment I feel Successful! #6

Clearly, having a lot of money does not make us successful.

Right now, I was editing a video of Avi Arya and he is the founder of Internet Moguls of World School. A successful Indian Entrepreneur. He definitely has a lot of money but the way he expressed his life, it did not feel that money somewhere made him more successful.

He says, ” Sitting in a couch with a cup of cappuccino in hand and watching a hindi movie without the tension of any meeting, that is success for me.”

It is always the satisfaction and peace.

I am at my room and my roommate is out for work. He is working hard all day long.

I have immense respect for that.

But, the time is moving.

For me success has always been freedom.

Sometimes, I also feel insecure of not having a proper job, where as I have a part time one. I feel like doing one.

Then I get scared by thinking that I will be stuck there for the entire day, and 6 days in a week.

3 Parameter of Success


If you are working 24×7 under someone because of money or some other reason, you will never feel successful.

You will feel a bondage.

Now, If I put some millions of dollar in your bank account… Will you feel successful ?


Not until you are working under someone. ( I am not recommending to quit the job, but if you have money you can do that)

Once you achieve the freedom, will you feel successful ?

What will you do all day long ?


Start doing the work that you feel is needed to be done in the world.

Because, when you do such thing that gives you ultimate satisfaction in your life.

You are never going to feel satisfied with eat, sleep, repeat.

You have to do something meaningful for that. Something that your soul cherish about.

Now, will you feel Successful ?

There are so many people having good business and making good money still dont feel successful.

You know why ?


Even after having above two, there could still be chaos and struggle to manage things.

Hard to deal with certain things.

Hence, the calmness of mind is something completes the puzzle.

Imagine if you have all three Freedom, Satisfaction, Peace then ain’t you successful ?


But, I dont have enough money, rest two things however can be managed.

Well, even if you have it, you will not hold in your hand! You will have it in your bank account.

So, technically your hands are going to remain same.

If you have no attachment towards material. Then you can start feeling successful.

Start doing the work that you wanted to do after getting success. Because that will create more income stream, satisfaction stream, and peace in mind.

And today, I can feel it.


Swapneswar Barik

PS: Job is essential. I am not against it.

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