I want chaos, not comfort!

Why anyone on the earth would say that ?

The answer is simple…


Imagine, if I ask you to play a game.

A game where you are a settled man have enormous money to buy every house, vehicle, luxury. That’s it.


You would like to play a First person Shooting game?

If I were you, I would definitely choose a sophisticated game where there is more challenges than comfort.

We humans are by default hustler. We are not here on the earth to eat, sleep and repeat.

As human mind is capable of doing more sophisticated things, we are thrown the similar kind of challenges.

See, anyhow you are going to sort your life and die happily.

But, when we will be at our death bed, which life you would cherish more.

The struggled one or the Easy one?

The other day I was watching a video of Avi Arya.

He says, ” If we want to make a successful movie which will touch people heart, we won’t show a person having more money and possession in the move but a man with struggle, bouncing back after every knock down.”

The age that you are in (20-30) is the most vibrant age of your life. You have enough energy to accomplish some impossible goals.

You are ready for challenges in life, You are ready to tackle uncomfortable situations, You are ready to make critical decisions.

Absolutely, the ultimate goal in life is to get freedom and get peace.

But, Now is not the right time.

Ofcourse, we run away from uncomfortableness. Ofcourse, we don’t want uncertainty but a settled life.

A life with comfort will not make me stronger or wise.

It will not help you build persistence or perseverance.

Ask for the most uncomfortable life and set the standards that when you end living it, struggle of other people make them feel nothing compared to you.

People are living miserable lives because of minor challenges, You show the world how to make a happy life out of a messy complex sophisticated challenges.

You set the bar, live a life that no body would desire.

You will find peace at the end.


Swapneswar Barik

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