Waiting or Hunting #7

It’s exactly been a week when Kishore sir told me that he would call me for the second round of interview.

So far, I have not got any call from his side and I am working in Videopreneur so as to have a backup.

This is also true that I am not snatching this!

I am waiting for someone to take action. But, this is not how it was supposed to go.

I was supposed to learn, do project, impress the teacher with my skills and competency and create a FOMO that if you don’t take me, it is your loss.

The life has come to halt again exactly like before at home.

But, there is something different here in the city.

The subconscious energy.

Even in the midnight I see people walking on the street.

The vibration of the city, the culture, the mindset and hustle is real and I could feel it.

Every other room there is a person having enormous dreams hustling for something.

So far, I have made my mind that no matter what I am going to stay here and once I start my own online journey again… here I have no chance I could stop.

What I am realising here is the entire city is started changing the vibe inside me.

Because, if I start my journey of entrepreneurship again then I would start with workshops of ₹99 and community of ₹999.

Organic content marketing youtube and instagram.

And I would like to build a community where people can solve the problem of collaboration online. Sharing learnings and ideas that one wants to share.

One of the reasons, why I moved to bangalore was the vibration of my town. It was feeling like I have hit the ceiling.

I wanted to meet people who were like minded and get the opportunity.

If I would have got that in my home, may be I would not have to come to here.

Definitely, the city has vibe but at the end it is people. People in the city. I would like to ensure that there is 5000 lives every week from public speaking family.

I dont know how to do it but I can imagine people doing it.

Everyone can’t do it. We dont want everyone either.

So, it is important for us to get the intension out properly so that whoever feel connected can join and stay with us.

English speaking or confidence building is good for workshops.

I am supposed register the company and take the rights and make some strong pillars in the community.

Because, by the time we would grow I dont want anyone to compete with me.

Right now I am running after money a little but not in the exchange of my freedom.

I am going to retain my freedom and do more work in videopreneur and get a decent amount of money to get the rent and rest I know I can pull it off.

I know I can hit my target of reaching 1.2 Cr here in bangalore and through online world only.

So, boy the time is on and book the tickets for home.

Get the setup and gear and we are ready to go.

Start ideations and plans and work on the scripts and books that is to be put out as content… let’s hit an unique niche and get the most out of it from market.

Swapnesh, you know you were about to do something the time has came.

This city is nowhere going to give me peace until I hit my target of 1.2 cr

10,000 people × ₹1000 = 1Cr.

I want 15,000 people in my community. that’s it.

  • 1000 people by the end of 2022.
  • 5000 people by the end of 2023.
  • 10,000 People by the end of 2024.

And before 2025 begins I will have my freedom in hand.

And after that whatever the money I will make I will give it back to the people who stay with me for 4 years.

I would reward with so much that they would realise the power of giving back to the community.

We are going to evaluate based on quaters and I have some learnings that I need to write down and make hacks or build control around that.

  • Inconsistency.
  • Distraction.
  • Wasting time.

I am proud about the fact the I have managed to keep my good habits alive, and now that I have accepted some of these bad qualities in me…

I will certainly be conscious to tackle them and that is the major effort I am going to put behind that.

Infact the schedule and pre-planning is going to help me to get over all of these.

Next, quater seems like have something for me.


Swapneswar Barik

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