Life is not a thing to live in lag!

If you have ever stayed in hostel you may relate to this…

When there is a vacation most of the peers leave right that day or next day. Because of some reason when you have to wait for another day, you feel lonley. You feel the world has moved and you were left behind.

Worst feeling ever!

I want to know, have you…

  • Ever postpone the task thinking “Tomorrow I will do it“?
  • Ever fought with your spouse and stretched the arguement of past for weeks?
  • Ever happened a heart break in the past and cried thinking about it for months?

Well, we have all done that.

And that’s normal.

Yesterday, around 12:00 Am (midnight) I was walking down on the street of marathalli.

The city was alive and people were still moving.

I had fight with niki and it was continuing for 4 consecutive months. I went near to her pg to play badminton. When I was returning I could experience bliss in my heart. I realised, How I was captured inside the cell of the past, and fighting with her.

I reflect back to my 2021.

Till the beginning to november it was awesome because I was thinking about the present and doing my own stuffs and responding to situations.

And I was doing great.


Just imagine, If today I do the task of yesterday, and tomorrow I do the task of today then don’t you think I am lagging the life a day?

If I had a fight once and arguing weeks because of it, don’t you think we are lagging the life behind weeks?

Same goes with hurt and regret!

There are something that you can’t get over quickly, and stuck in time.

Unfortunately, time ia not absolute. Definitely some people say it is subjective but that is just an experience. We don’t own the control over it.

So, we stuck in time and it moves.

There was a beautiful quote by Krisna character in Mahabharat seriel.

The name of life is Present, we get stuck in past and future often, and the Life slips away

Life has always in present.

Look at all other animals on the Earth. You can easily distinguish that humans are suffering the greatest power they have.

I reached back to my pg. But in the street I spoke to myself, I am not going to fight with her again.

I am leaving the past.

Because there is no worth living the life in lag.

Life has a lot of new things to offer. So, do the past work in the past, do the now works in now. So that you will not have burden of the past works when everybody would be enjoying Future in Now!

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