Starting from the ZERO

Today is a special day in my life because I am back to zero again.

Everything that I had in the past was gone, starting from this website to the love of my life, everything got reset. I neither had any significant result in my professional career, yet I have the experience and learning of it.

Here is my story…

Monetizing Youtube

Two years ago, I have completed my graduation and thought I could be independent without working for anyone but myself.

With that thought, I started my journey on youtube.

I gave 6 months to the storytelling channel and I took it from 400 to 1000 subscribers and also completed the 4000 watch hour to qualify for the youtube monetization policy.

Storytelling and Public speaking

One day in these 6 months, I found myself watching TEDx talk and suddenly I came across the science of storytelling by David JP Phillips.

I have been telling stories for years and never knew how stories work!

David demonstrated right on the stage and I was a man sitting far from Sweden who got inspired for storytelling.

I searched his name again and I got another couple of his videos.

110 steps of public speaking and death by PowerPoint. I watched them, and I did not only got the knowledge to become a better storyteller but a public speaker as well.

The research and the studies he used to prove his point and build his credibility fascinated me so much.

A quick fact about me, I love reading and love learning. And when I learn, I can’t help but share.

Learning of public speaking

I searched for that person on the internet and I got to know about JPUniversity which has changed now to

I avail my free trial and went through the entire website.

I took the screenshot and did the screen recording (definitely a cheap work but anyway I did not have enough money to buy it) for further use.

Tongue Training of English

Fortunately, that was the moment in my life when I was speaking English day and night all day long to speak English fluently.

So, I did not only practice, but I practised with the proper hand gestures, vocal variety and content as well.

Praveen Wadlekar in my life.

One day, I saw an ad on social media of becoming a public speaker in just ₹299/-. I did not think much I joined.

He persuade me for his upsell, and I paid ₹2999 more for his info products and I got access to his journey of public speaking and his knowledge as well.

Then I realised information is not what I am looking for. I am looking for the results. There I could become confident in speaking through video making but I am not getting any substantial results.

I was disappointed.

However, I had learned a lot from his speeches, not from his teachings. To some extent, it was worth it.

The Digital Marketing

2021 January 1st

That day reached finally when I had to start my journey of digital mentoring. I was prepared with my content in storytelling.

But there was a problem!

Growing organically on social media was a lengthy process and ads were working amazingly.

I understood the Law of large numbers and the 3x ROI Theory of self-sustaining ads.

I had some amount of money that could be spent on ads and I could start earning money right away.

However, I had no experience of making Facebook ads or google ads. It was clear in my mind that I am not going to go for digital marketing. I was only there to learn about Facebook ads and google ads.


Digital Deepak the last mentor of my life appeared with digital marketing training with an amazing model of giving the entire money back.

It cost ₹15,000/-

That was a huge investment.

However, I was confident that if they teach me well and people has already achieved and got their entire money back then I can do that too.

I joined.

But, I was disappointed about one fact that I had to wait for 6 months for that training to complete.

I did not have patience but I did not have choices too. So, I went with the flow.

During this journey, I helped many people, in doing studies, creating WordPress blogs and in many places.

Everybody in the program started knowing me.

The day when I get stuck

One day, there was a guy who messaged me that he want some help with the website, and he wanted to talk over the phone.

That evening he called me and he spoke with enthusiasm and I got stuck after listening to his English.

That was the worst.

I made my own stage

I knew I need improvement in confidence in speaking in front of people.

One fine day I woke up in the morning and got a message from the community. it was Digital Deepak himself who messaged to have an unofficial meet.

I joined, and that gave me an idea that I can do it too with the group members.

So, I created a group in telegram.

I messaged, ” Hey if anyone is up for a casual conversation then joins”

A few people joined and we had a good discussion and I kept this doing for two continuous months.

One day a girl comes in and says, ” Swapnsh you were not so good in the beginning but now you are speaking amazingly well”

That is when I say what I am supposed to do in life.

Help people overcome the fear of public speaking.

So, I created a community and got some people in but didn’t work and I kept trying and testing and nothing worked.

I got my first JOB

I could not scale to a significant level but I got some good people and one of them was Chandana.

She helped me meet with harry the videopreneur.

Harry gave me a job and a secret desire that I had inside my heart of having a fixed income came true.

I kept doing it for 3 months but then I could not find growth in myself.

So, I decided to quit and the way I did it, I still regret it.

Starting of my depression

I did amazing the entire year and then at the last quarter I did everything that put me into depression more and more.

Leaving the job where it all started.

After leaving the job I went to Ranchi to meet Vishal. That day I realised one thing how freedom matter in our life.

After coming back from there I started the ads and did so many sales calls and some worked and some did not. But that was the most uncomfortable thing that I never wished to do in my life, was doing happily. I got 1.5 ROI and to harness more audience I stopped the ads and thought of doing some improvising.

I made an ETMC challenge, which is still not completed yet.

in November I got 1 client and that is the month, I and Niki started fighting more. and in December terrible things happened and I just don’t know how I survived.

I have always been a strong guy but this time it hurt the most. what I realized was that just because I had a good girlfriend, I did not even make a good friend.

All of a sudden I started feeling alone.

The new year is gone, the entire January is gone. the most terrible two months of my life.

I don’t know whether I am out or still inside it. But today I have taken some steps that helped me stand back on my feet.

Starting from zero

From the beginning, whatever I lost, it could be something or money, or opportunity, I always felt as if I did not have that in the first place.

So, I had nothing in the past. I have nothing. There is no fear to lose anything. Essentially I am back to square 1.

Yes! I am starting from zero again!

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