Your journey is better with a mentor

Do you know the word ‘sanity‘?

One year ago, I had no idea what sanity means! From the moment I thought about starting my own startup to here, I have been several times to the edge of my sanity.

Why does this happen?

As an entrepreneur when you understand how to do a business and all the theory part of it you get excited because everything seems quite straightforward and simple.

But, the moment you start implementing your plans,

They…… don’t…… work…..

First, you behave like an entrepreneur and come up with some other plan and then try to execute it, now you have some result but the audience has changed, people are asking for different help, you feel, ” oh, this is what my audience want?” then you move into something else.

Now, this is the moment you feel like you are winning…

The next moment you realise, you still failing to convert more people through organic marketing, then you feel like a loser again…

Now, you feel like, “let’s go for putting ads.”

You know ads work, and people have done it already. With that expectation, you jump into it. Then you realise, you don’t have enough money to hire a person.

So, you think you need to learn it by yourself!

You are a smart person, and you learn it quickly.

Now, when you put ads they don’t work, and you realise you don’t have enough budget, you don’t have a good strategy, you don’t have the expertise, you feel like a loser again.

The time passes by and you don’t know what to do. You think let’s move back to organic, do rigorous marketing, put up content, attract some clients and then when we have enough money we can scale it through ads.

that is an amazing plan.

(you are winning…)

you work on it for three months, but the result that you have expected while starting is nowhere close.

You have no clue what you are supposed to do! You realise that creation, marketing, sales are huge games on their own. You burn out of improvising, money flow is not good, then you realise the job that you have left, then you realise last 3 month if you had put somewhere else how it could come out, then you feel like can you do something else now?

there you hit the first Edge of your sanity.

The above story is actually mine and for the last 1 year, the ups and downs that I am experiencing is terrible.

The hope is gone, self-confidence is buried, vision is blurred.

What do you suppose to do in such a situation?

There you meet your mentor, by any means, you meet a person who is speaking about an exact situation that you are experiencing, and you can’t help but continue listening to that person, continue reading to that blog and at the end of it, you get what you wanted.

A mental aid.

Today, I read a blog post of DIgital Deepak and when I read it, I felt I still can do it. though I don’t have enough energy, I felt what if I get more focused!

My message to you is…

The journey is not going to get easier… You can’t get stronger than the nature,

But together with a mentor, you can ride the rollercoaster better.


We are never entrepreneurs, we are on the journey of entrepreneurship.

When we are on the journey of entrepreneurship we don’t fail, we always feel ” what am I doing wrong?”, ” How can I make it better?” these are the constant questions that run in our minds.

If you are on this journey, I wish you make a million-dollar business and get the title of Entrepreneur.


Swapneswar Barik.

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