Its Not Complex, Life is simple.

It just bothers me so much when I see people over complicating their lives for no reason to live a miserable life.

Because, when I denied to see the world with the filters of the society, I could see it as it is, and what I see is a GIFT.

It is not hard to understand that any gift that we get, can make our lives better or worse depends upon the use of it.

Imagine for a moment, A knife in doctor’s hand saves life, and in a criminal’s hand takes life.

Everyday, we are crying, complaining, blaming about the people, situations and circumstances, past memory and future imagination.

Consuming things that is not required both intellectually and physically conditioning our mind and body for worse, we can’t expect anything but misery.

When I am saying misery, I am not talking about poverty. living the gift( life) in the worst possible way!

How to simplify life?

This is where it all begins… life is not complecated but a simple one…

1. You are suppose to make the choices based on what you would like to have in you.

2. You are supposed to make the choices based on where you would like to go!

If you understood these two, then you would realise the entire life is summed up.

Let me explain…

  1. First, I removed all the uncontrollable. So that I can focus on what I can control. This is where I eliminate a huge clutter. We removed our expectations from all the people and their choices and decisions, time in the past and future. What is left is “ME” and “NOW”.
  2. Control the controllable. When you realise you can’t control the world but ‘you’ only, you can’t control the past and future but ‘now’ only, you understand the true power of yours that is “Your Decisions” and “Taking Action in NOW”.

If we consume junk food that will shape our body, if we consume knowledge from miserable people that will shape our life. So, consuming things that is better has to be done in NOW consciously!

It simply means stop being bothered by everything and be fully aware of what is going in your mind and what you supposed to do now.

This gives you responsibilty of taking charge in the moment. No matter what you have imagined for your life you always get the best out of it. Often better than ever you can expect.

It does not matter, you are an introvert, shy, less confident, poor, when you let good things come into your mind and go with the flow, you certainly attract things that you have never even dreamt of.

The best of all is your mind remains in the PEACE!


Swapneswar Barik.

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