One day in a big City! #1

After 1 and half year of effort towards my journey of entrepreneurship made me realise that there are so many things I don’t know.

I started the journey to Bangalore from Bhubaneswar to pursue the answer to the questions I dont even know.

30 hours of journey got me to a place where everyone is new, the culture, the language is new.

Being from a small town, you always feel superior to most of the people but in a city I perceived as everyone is either at my level or above me.

For the first time in a while I found myself at the bottom.

And do you know the best part of being at the bottom ?

There is a huge scope of improvement!

But the question is…

  • What I supposed to do ?
  • How much money do I have ?
  • How long can I survive here ?
  • What is my first step supposed to be ?
  • Am I enough flexible that I can grow here or get crushed ?

and the most important question ?

  • What about my most beautiful, ignorant, innocent girl whom I loved the much and how she is doing now ?

lets go in the reverse order…

I reached at bangalore cant at 12:30 and then I had nobody to call. Fortunately this city speak enough hindi that outsiders can survive easily.

I got to Sivaji Nagar and then to Marathalli in city bus. But it was not as simple either.

When I was in the bus, there was a man trying to help me figure out where I wanna go. And I dont know how he decide for me to get off the bus after spice garder when I clearly said the word “Marathalli Bridge”.

So, i walked back 1.4km to reach KLM mall.

There I was standing, niki is calling me once in a while, we were talking and then suddenly I saw her…

When you see the person you have loved through the sky after 2 and half year, it can freeze you easily.

There was a tuktuk standing over there, I was trying to hide myself behind that but that tuk tuk moved away…

I came in front of her and touched her hand…

The rough sensation of her palm and soft sensation of her skin. My hand on top of it and her’s on mine.

A feeling of belonging, a feeling of old promise, a feeling of love.

I was overwhelmed with the emotional feelings that I have for her.

I could not handle it, and end up asking myself “WHY?”

The crowd suddenly disappeared around me I could not here anything but the voice of niki.

“Babu… What happen ?”, with the most gentle tone that I ever heard.

I had no answer to that but to say nothing.

It was the hand I never used to leave in college for 4 years in college.

We went to have Biriyani and I could not control myself over there…

I just cried, cried, and cried…

“Why could not I give you?” was the feeling.

Then we fixed pg and then went for shopping.

I literally did not have a lot of money so i did not wanted to take things that are not important for now.

She started putting things and I was arguing with her and at one point I realise ” she is doing this for me, I can’t make her upset but appreciate”

I felt that love that we had years ago.

we moved from Dmart to Vishal and we had to go in a bus.

on the bus she asked me, ” why you are not cheerful?”

A question that asked me ‘ why am I changed ?’, ‘ what is wrong with me? ‘, and ‘ who am I? ‘

It pissed me off.

Not because the question but because my efforts were ignored. I am always me. And I have my own way of responding to things.

The arguement grew and niki could not realise that the arguement is leading towards a wrong direction…

It was like she was blaming me without noticing that her decisions has always a huge impact in my life.

I just wanted to move away from her at that moment… and i did I started walking from the Vishal Mart to Marathalli Bridge. It took me around 1-1.5 hour to reach and the moment i reached they were there…

I cried there again, I reminded myself why I was here? It was not her but my career.

It was because to get settled.

It was because to become millionaire.

It was because opportunity.

It was because of the mindset.

It was because of the pace of the city.

I am here to create something significant.

2. I always knew from my past experience that I can adjust in any situation by learning and adapting it faster.

So, I was and I am convinced that the city can’t override me.

3. My first step is to go to the people who are running million dollar business and ask to work under them.

And second is take care of food and shelter… that is enough.

4. I have around ₹8,000 rupees in hand, which seems to be enough for a month because in ₹5000 the food and shelter is taken care.

5. Certainly, by the end of the month remaining 3000 will be gone for sure…

This simply means I have this month and I have to make minimum of ₹10,000. So that, I can survive for next month.

But, I am not here to survive I secretly have a goal to be a millionaire in rupees in 90 days…

Now, I have 27 days left in this pg and the clock is ticking…

to be continued …

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