#9 Rain Wins or me?

Rain vs Pradakshina.

I have to do Pradakshina, but it is raining.

Well, I am not scared of the rain neither the walk of Pradakshina.

It just that the throat is swelling and the health has to recover a little.

In a way, when I did not pay much attention to my health and kept doing the Pradakshina, it worsen my health a little.

But Yogasana and Sambhavi Mahamudra are working phenomenally on the body.

Since, I don’t know the right way, when I am doing, the result are very subtle but when I am following the guided meditation.

I am experiencing significant changes in me.

Rain Vs Laundry.

Evey day I was washing my clothes without fail.

This ensures that I am having two sets of cloths to wear.

But today, I am choosing to not to into the water.

I need to evaluate a little more to check whether it was conscious decision or compulsive one.

Because once the health recovers a little I must go back to same track.

Because that is necessary

So far, Rain Wins.

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