Direction, Location and Throttle of my life at Isha


When you are walking; the the most important aspect is not keep moving but the direction in which we are moving.

We may keep moving for 100 years still won’t reach anywhere unless the direction is right.

What is the direction of my life?

It took a long time to experiment and experience that the Spirituality is the only path.

And after leaving for everything that was working beautifully in the physical world in terms of health wealth and happiness, completely changed the path to Spirituality.

I am still on this path and so far the journey seems very real and I am stuck with it intensely.


Now, when we walk we can walk on the grass, or on the mud, or on a path.

Which one is easiest?

If the direction is fixed then paths are better because someone has laid it for you.

Isha Yoga Centre.

Such a place which is providing everything in that aspect for all the seekers.

And I am in Sadhanapada.

8 months of stay.


When we walk, we can crawl, walk, or run.

Which one do you prefer?

Throttle is necessary when it comes to reaching to the destination.

This is the only thing that is not fixed yet.

All my efforts and energies are not yet in the same direction.

Some towards Compulsion and may be some are Karma.

Eventually, it has to be single pointed.

Then only I can reach somewhere because the time is limited.

And I can’t have 100 years.

Keeping the time of the body in mind I don’t have much time to bring them into certain stability and balance so that the energies could be directed towards certain direction.

Giving myself a little more time but the effort must go on to change one thing at a time.

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