What is the Hurry? Phone broken!

What is so important?

What is the thing, if I do it, it will create difference?


Non of this will change.

Things will still go off the track.

This is a reminder that the world is run by the force of this universe.

All you can do is respond or react.

My phone broken

It fell down once and now the finger print sensor is over heating.

These problems piss me off and also reminds me to not to take anything seriously.

In the name of intensity, I have spent much of my time doing seva here and there.

I went fast and was feeling like I am involving myself.

Which also force me to do things that are not under the control.

Unless it is really needed then only I should go all in.

Untill that I must let people play and do my own part.

I am not here to lead anything.

I hope I am not avoiding anything, it is just that I can’t get serious and intense enough believe something is too important.

When I was taking shower suddenly I slow down.

I knew I was going to be late but there was no Hurry. because even if I reach early it will not make much difference.

Things will be done the way it was supposed to be.

This is not to avoid anything but consciously putting myself where is needed.

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