Sadhguru: A Buring fire that is illuminating the path!

A glowing Human being!

I had never seen Sadhguru so close.

Neither have I ever seen him entering.


This time I was sitting so close, and the area near Chandra Kund is minimal. So, I could see him very clearly as a person.


Not for a moment, I could see him as a man.

There was a glow within him.

I got confused that is it the man or the light effects.

The reality is, no matter how much light you throw from how many directions at someone, the glow that comes from within is always dominant.

I could not see him as a normal human being.

I could not associate him with his body.

Throughout the session, I could see a phenomenal being very carefully holding his body.

What happened to me?

Yes! Tears came to my eyes.

After waiting for 2 hours straight, he came in.

Gently walking towards the stage, doing Namaskaram to everybody.

The first glimpse of him was enough for me to fold my hands.

I did not do it. They just came and naturally, I bow down.

Slowly as he walks in, I started shivering.

And all I could see was that this is the man behind everything that are happening in this Ashram.

This is the man because of which I am here.

My entire life is going to be designed the way he wants.

This is the man who owns my life.

He is the foundation of the life that I am trying to live.

The emotions were overwhelming. I started shivering more as he walked in.

Like a baby, I started sobbing. Two drops of tears rolled down my cheeks.

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