#8 Declined: Striving for Linga Seva Approval!

Short cut!

Is there any short cut at Isha Yoga Centre?

Can you get preference over someone else?

In rest of the world it happens but this place treats everyone as same.

The usually follow the order.


These people try to help everyone to the best.

Whatever happens from them they do it.

So, one might get preference of you know right people.

Declined Linga Seva request.

As per my TL if we do Linga seva early then it is easy to find slots and also our training could go on time.

So, akka and me both applied for the same batch.

1 st batch.

Now, first batch was specifically for the Rudraksha group and I am in Bilva.

Technically there are no chance for me.

Still, I applied and talked to My seva coordinator about it.

He give the approvals but then he said they don’t have the slots we will have to apply for the next batch.

Now, akka and me both applied for the next batch.

2 Days later, Akka got accepted for both the batches where as second batch was for Bilva and Bhibhuti but not Rudraksha and akka was in Rudraksha.

I got one declined and another one is still pending.

This did not give me a good feeling about what’s going on in the backend.

Because everyone must get the preference.

I talked to my TL regarding the same.

He said, “Do you have the number for Sadhanapada seva coordinator?”

I said, “no”

He said, ” get it from someone na! Talk to the coordinator”. He also gave me one name to find for him.

I looked for that Anna in the entire office, he was not there.

Till then I was exhausted.

Because this is something I don’t like usually.

Meet him, meet her, call someone…

To get something done one should not go round and round atleast here in the ashram.

I can understand if the same happens outside.

But everything that happened, all that is, I can’t be anything else.

I did not do anything and the rest of the day felt something is wrong.

A Ray of Hope.

We had a meeting in the evening, I meet Coordinator Anna there and explained him the entire story.

Then asked me to apply for it again.

He talked to someone over WhatsApp and said, “I have spoken about it and tomorrow morning we will se what can be done”

Techicallly, if there are slots then they can put me in.

With that hope I came back to my room.

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