#7 When I hit my nose on the wall hard.

I usually don’t wake up here at night because of the tiredness of the body.

Yet, I wake up in the middle of the night for the toilet.

It was cold and I took the shawl with me and started walking towards the washroom.

I barely could see anything. Not because of the darkness but because I was half asleep.

I don’t know what happened to me and I thought There is a path to the right and took the turn and started walking towards a wall with so damn confidence until my nose hit the wall hard.

It suddenly woke up and the pain was enormous.

It felt as if I have broken my own nose.

The entire brain got a shock.

I then looked at here and there and There was no way.

I chose a path with my open eyes this time and went to the washroom.

I am still feeling the pain after the morning Yogasana.

Yoga can cure the Cold.

I am not well.

But when I do Sambhabhi after guided Yogasana. I really feel that I am absolutely fine.

This is so evident that you can experience it by yourself.

All the asanas do something on the fundamental energy level of a human system that it recovers very fast.

Yesterday when I was there at the office, My Team leader told me to do Sakti Chalana Kriya, and all of this will go away.

This Damn Yoga thing is working.

Assignment was taken seriously.

I took the project seriously that they had given to sort and organise Playlist of Sadhguru YouTube channel.

I picked one playlist and watched all the videos.

  • Removed Irrelevant.
  • Sorted them into an order.

I did the same for 5 playlists and I have 50 more to do in the spiritual category.

Going Apart.

Rachel Akka came out of the office early and I was working there.

A bit self centred girl.

More like a kid.

Easily offended and don’t take the jokes.

It’s better I should not joke with her irrespective of she comes and does things around me.

I have to retain my normal nature.

The open nature is for myself.

She must get the closed part of me, which will interact only when there is necessary.

Realisation of Ultimate

She is doing fine at her own place but out of all friends I have made she is at the earliest state of spiritual evolution in terms of realisation.

She is smart and would do it but for now she has some compulsion that will made her do various things and it is good that she goes out and experience everything and understand by experiencing that that’s not it.

Seems like she would but I still feel weird about the fact that why someone would turn towards Spirituality untill he or she experiences that the outside world is not enough.

Not Mandala, Sadhana Today

Later I went for Surya Kriya at Surya Kund Mandapam and did the Pradakshina in the rain and cold environment.

By the end of the pradakshina I could not swallow my own spit.

I felt little uncomfortable around my throat but I am not bothered by that.

But thr process and mandala should complete.

This time I would complete the mandala very easily because I am not thinking about mandala but today.

Now sadhana is done or not.

This fire must go on and as slowly devotion sleeps in it can take me to the ultimate.

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