When I am wasting my time doing Sadhana?

Sadhana is the effort only to deepen your experience of spiritual world.

It might possible that one might end up going in the circles at the surface but won’t go deep.

There is a certain disciplines that one need to follow.

If it is a path there has to be specific areas where you can walk.

Hata Yoga and Kriya Yogas are scientific paths through one can reach to the Samadhi.

The state of samadhi is purely scientific.

At least I must yeild to that.

For that I need to go about it hard not just doing the sadhana.

It is not only about repeating but going deeper also.

There is no point of a drill bit if it’s rotating on the surface. it has to go in then only it can make a hole.

Fulfill its purpose.

I have no purpose but I have a want and will of the existence.

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