#6 When I derailed from the track of Sadhanapada.

Missed my Sadhana

Today, I missed my Surya Kriya.

When I was planning to come here, whatever I expected my life to be was a bit different, than what I am living now.

It is not as intense as I wanted it to be.

I had always planned to go all into the life of spirituality.

But here I am not visiting Dhayanalinga every day. So far managed to do Pradakhina every alternative day, but I have to take those inner Engineering tools very seriously.

Because if I can use them for the next 7-8 months, those will become part of my life.

After realising that I have missed my sadhana. The amount of time I have given into being conscious about every situation. It feels worth it.

Even an hour seems to be a bit longer because of the conscious attention.

Accepting the inevitability nature of this moment and discarding the concept of an illusionary past and future, I will have to respond to everything consciously. Then only the journey of Sadhanapada will be successful.

Spending time with Akka.

Today also I had to come with her.

It is not that I want to avoid her, but she could be a huddle in my way.

I have lived this life outside.

Here, I have an opportunity to live it ideally, and I can’t afford to miss that opportunity.

So far, I have not experienced that I have lived to the fullest.

I have not yet experienced that I am living with complete openness.

Removing some habits.

Being silent and sitting. Look inwards and try to find the light within.

Instead of spending time with others I could go to Dhyanalinga and sit there for more time.

Work at the office.

Do whatever is necessary but remain conscious and aware of everything because that is the only doorway.

Post Script

The Entire day we were solving a puzzle.

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