Accept and Respond – Inner Engineering.

Inner Engineering Crash course.

If you have completed Inner Engineering then you would know.

  1. All the rules are My rules.
  2. I am responsible for everything.
  3. This moment is inevitable, it can’t be anything else.
  4. I am not the body and not even the mind.
  5. I am.mother to the world.

During the sadhanapada journey they want us to focus on these two the most.

How to use it?

This is true that this moment is inevitable.

It can’t be anything else.

It might feel that I am trapped in this moment but when you look at it, you have the freedom in this moment only.

Future, Past are not there, but now is the real and once you understand that you will see we are always living at the same moment.

Now, things will happen that we may not like and try to avoid or escape.

In those situations, I will end up making some compulsive decision.

This is where I must take charge that is to accept the inevitability of the situation and respond with consciousness.

They want these things to be noted which I am not writing but I must consciously notice so that I can move out of the compulsive cycle of the Samsara.

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