#6 What if I get distracted from the goal?

Guided Sadhana with Entire batch

The Adiyogi Alayam was something different in experience.

The same guided meditation when happens here in the stay area, I don’t feel serious yet I do it.

But in Adiyogi Alayam it feels like doing it.

And today I spend being a little more conscious while Yogasana.

I was able to Matsyendra Asana in both the sides.

Paschimauthhanasana became so easy and all the posture feels very normal now.

The body doesn’t achhe much and started to get accustomed with whatever happening

Distraction or Destruction

Today they give me no task.

In the morning I wrote two blogs and the entire day I did nothing.

But something happened that did shook me a little.

An Akka was there and she had something as task.

She completed it and came to me to talk.

Now, I was not ready to talk anything and everything.

There is nothing so important that one needs to talk.

Someone talks out of compulsion.

My entire system was resisting but the compassion made me talk.

But the problem is when the compassion and hormones starts playing with eachother that I usually don’t figure out.

Till the evening we talked all the nonsense.

By the time when we were going back it was dazzling. And I had to share my umbrella.

Despite of the fact that I did not want to carry this outside of the office.

I mean this is not something that can be escaped.

And this is a fear that I have got closed to every girl who spent a significant time with me.

This time I also have to get over this fear.

The way is very simple.

Be Aware.

No need to remember or remind. When I am aware I will know what is the root cause of coming here.

And it will keep me on the path.

Some compulsion are coming out but that is the point to pass them with awareness and for final they will move away.

Once I do them consciously then in future if they return I would know that I have done it before and can do it again.

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