Consciously choosing to become someone!

I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and realised…

Just because they allowed me to sleep till 5:30AM I slept.

When they allowed till 4:30AM I was waking up at same time.

So do you have your own will or you are a stupid Ass who work only when someone is hitting on your back.

  • Irrespective of I sleep early or late, I have to wake up on time.
  • Irrespective of I have something to do or not, I must do what’s needed to be done.
  • Irrespective of it is the time or not, I must do my sadhana.

There shouldn’t be any reason for which you are compromising on anything.

this life must work in complete awareness.

That is when you get 100% control of its work and hence destiny.

  • What if they don’t force you tomorrow?
  • What if you went back home?

Do you want to become the person that you always were or you want a transformed one.

Everything should be followed exactly the way you want to live at your home.

When will I be home, can I follow the exact similar routine?

I can do one experiment that, I can keep imaging that I am at home only and then follow these routine.

Even after not being at home, maybe I would adapt the life in my mind that when will I go, it wouldn’t feel like I am trying something new.

It must feel like, I have been living this life for a long time now.

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