Will you do only when someone will order?

3 day silence

The other day one Anna of our room said, ” It’s a good time to go for Silence because I can’t speak much because of the cold”

Well, I am sure that is not the best idea.

Why would you wait for the seva to ask for it. You can go silent by yourself.

Limiting the speed.

One of my brothers got one car for commercial purpose.

These cars has a specific speed limit that is 70KMPH.

It can’t go beyond that.

So, he was riding someday and he saw one interceptor was checking the speed limits.

And he was over speeding at that time.

Out of scarcity he wanted to get the limit control device connected to the car.


Why not you intentionally ride below the limit.

People want others to control them.

Now, if one does these things by themselves then there is no need for anything else.

But people are failing to control themselves and want someone else to control them.

Nobody likes boundaries or order but that is the only way they can come on the track.

Do not let these happen to you.

The only question is you can choose or not.

If you can choose by yourself then you need nothing.

Don’t share your experience.

Because I felt this like an insult.

When we were at Isha and every now and then one asks for your experience so far.

Obviously, it is good.

But the point is it because of which we are here?

Neither we are enlightened not we have liberated.

How can anything else matter more than them?

But, I really became more calm, content, peaceful and all.

All of these you could have done on your own. you don’t need a guru for that. you just need to drop the garbage and see things as it is.

You come to guru only when you don’t know how to move forward.

When you are done with the physical ground and you are stepping into something that you can’t perceive and have no idea of. Then you find a guru.

So, don’t wait to go to an Ashram to be Calm.

Start now.


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