Accepting Dhynalinga as my Guru.

Sitting inside the chamber.

After guru puja inside the Dhyanalinga I sat in one of the chamber and this came in my mind.

Often Sadhguru say things that is difficult to understand.

One of such things was, “You just sit with me for one moment fully, I will pour into you”

Words won’t work.

The doubt is, what will he pour or is he really pouring? Everything is uncertain.

But if in any case he is capable of such things.

Then Dhynalinga is the real possibility.

Because he has made dhynalinga not as the replacement of him but in the place of Shiva himself.

This glorious Dhynalinga will be the possibility for all spiritual seekers.

Guru will find you.

Sadhguru also speaks that it is not you who look for a guru.

And I just

It is always the guru who will find you.

It is just the question of whether you ready for it or not?

I discarded this thought because if someone stays at home how would a guru can find him.

However, to be honest when you are ready things will manifest in such a way that it is impossible to believe.

20 days ago I was at home.

I came for Naga Pratistha and now I am here at isha as a Linga Seva Volunteer.

The priviledge that I am getting with Dhyanalinga is kept to certain devotees only.

I am just emotional as hell of what I am getting to experience.

Surrender myself on his feet.

Before coming to the Isha Yoga Center, I have always been imagining to touch sadhguru’s feet.

Which is not possible in real.

Though he made an alternative as Sadhguru saniddhi.

But he also made the Dhyanalinga as altenative of shiva.

These are very much permanent form of energy.

And with these thoughts, I just realised where I am sitting is not a small place.

I got emotional and tear came out of my eyes and I just bow down on the floor straight.

And I realised, I dont need to touch his feet yet I am available to his grace.

Keeping him inside me always.

Be inside Dhynalinga dome or in the entrance or backside of it.

It does not feel far from Dhyanalinga.

They say, if you are seeing truly then the Dhynalinga is just there with you.

No matter wherever you are on this planet.

No matter you heard of it or not.

It is just there for the seekers.

Two days ago I learnt the devotion and I can’t help myself but to bow down to the this possibility.

And I say meself. In my dreams and wakefulness, Dhyanalinga is within me always.

There is no place left in me for anything but Dhynalinga.


Dhyanlinga is the most precious gift that sadhguru has given to the world.

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