Why they dont extend the volunteering at Isha Yoga Center?

Volunteering Extension at Isha Yoga Center.

I was sitting in front of the Isha Yoga Center’s welcome point and a girl came and started asking about extension of her stay.

Yesterday, when I checked in a guy came and asked the incharge about stay for one more week.

She replied, “If you show me the ticket then I will extend for a week”

The girl next to me was also told the same.

Why do they deny it?

Well, there are thousands of people applying for volunteering and only a few are getting the opportunity.

Now, you have to understand that there was a volunteer wanted to extend his/her stay and they denied him to give you a bed.

Imagine what if they did not?

Even you would not get a chance.

They would like to accomodate the whole world. But unfortunately there are limited space.

Even I wanted to stay here for long but I am not that kind of a person who whould keep the best thing to myself.

I would love to give up a seat for someone to come in and experience.

The seed has already put inside me now someone else can get benifited.

But if I am given the opportunity, I will love to have it.

They say this because they want to be kind to you.

Theu need an assurance.

They can adjust if you want to stay a little longer but they need assurance that you would not request again.

That is why they are saying so…

But they can renew your stay as long as you want to stay.

It is like providing prasadam. Even if little, everyone should get.

Please respect and don’t stay for long unless they ask you to stay.

Like sadhanapada or poornanga like volunteering.


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