What is sadhnapada of Isha Yoga Center?

Well, when you do anything in the world you always have an expectation attached to it.

Usually you see people saying, “what is my benefit?”

Sadhnapada is diametrically opposite to this approach.

You may confuse this with a course but it is not a course or program which can be bought with any money, but this is a lifestyle to be lived.

Even if you get into sadhanapada still you have not have it.

Even after completing it, you may not have it.

Unfortunately, many will not get it.

You will get it only when you emerse yourself completely in the work that you won’t see anything else.

That’s when you live this life.

It is not necessary that it is possible at isha only. You can very well do this in your life as well.

However, here you are with the group and support and the intension is very clear, so the un-necessary hassle are taken care of already.

You just have to immerse completely.

But money is needed to survive right?

Well, money is not needed you need life. And they make sure you have a good food, good quality of water, a good mind and amazing energies.

After this you just have to lose yourself.

I want you to understand this is a possibility and a lifetime opportunity to understand the essense of the work.

Whenever you usually work the deal is never win-win. Always a person lose in the deals. One half is always more valueable.

Even if it is the same item, the qualities are different.

This time you dont make a deal you just give.

You dont wish for anything, jist give after the 7 months you will have no identity of your own.

Once you go out, even if you are supposed to pass through the hell for certain reason, you will not have a single worry in your head.

You will be absolutely ready for the life.

You will be 100% alive.

That is what sadhanapada is.


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