Day 2-5: Sadhana, Linga seva, Mandapam and Chapple stand.

Well, I did not get enough time to write the blogs.

In the morning I have to wake up before 4:30AM and by the time I go back to room it is 9:30PM.

I barely get time.

I always wanted to do something where i could go all in.

I am just loving this.

Sadhana Day.

A day to remain silence.

Not to talk, not to read, no usage of mobile phones, walk slowly looking at the ground, Don’t smile and ignore people if they approach.

My life has been like this but this day was different.

Bhakti Sadhana.

The day was dedicated to be devotee.

Devotion is not a thing to do. It is a certain way of being.

Today, you see something is important and something is not.

This is god and devine and that is garbage.

But if you see closely, everything in this world is the manifestation of the same energy form.

A single pabble is as important as a human.

But here is the trick.

If someone is asked to do namaskaram to a human, they would do it easily.

If they are asked to do another human they still can do it.

But, if they are asked to do namaskaram to a pabble, it is difficult.

Some people may do.

But if you ask to do it again, only a few people can do it.

And if you want them to do namaskaram to everything, these people can be counted.

That is what bhakti sadhana is all about.

You do namaskaram to everything throughout the day.

1st you try to do once in every one hour atleast.

Then you do it in every 1 minutes.

The you try to do every second.

This time you can’t fold hands to do namaskaram.

The you reach to a certain point where it is not necessary to fold your hands but to do it from the heart and when you do it to everything, you just be a devotee.

And it happened to me.

Tears inside dhynalinga.

I was sitting inside dhynalinga on that day 50-60 minutes till Nada Aradhana.

And during the Nada Aradhana, devotion towards everything and dhyanalinga just bursted out.

I started crying.

I was holding back so that it would not make the noise but I did cry sitting near to it.

Brahmananda Swaroopa.

In the evening we were shown a video of sadhguru explaining about devotion and this chant.

At the end of it when he chant in the video, again tears rolled over my cheeks.

I understood the essense of devotion and it was something i was looking for.

Because intellect won’t go beyond certain point.

Sheer devotion has taken so many people all the way to enlightenment.

Day 3: Linga Seva.

Allowing devotees with a Namaskaram was the job I have taken and since morning to evening I fold my hand did namaskara to everybody with a genuine smile on my face.

It was liberating.

Day 4: Mandapam.

This was the toughest job. Becuse it is hard to convince people to come inside dhynalinga.

But still it went well.

Just at the end, I felt relax.

That was not supposed to happen. Because It means I was in some kind of pressure situation.

I was supposed to be normal despite of anything.

Day 5: Chappal Stand.

It was the best job that you can get inside the ashram.

It is so much fun.

Intense and easy. Fast and service. It is very much fullfilling.

The Ashram.

The ashram is just fulfilling what is needed.

It never give you what you want though.

It knows very well what you need and what quality.

Food, shelter, environment.

Once you touched by this you just can’t go back.

Yesterday I was talking to a person and he was saying, once you come here you can’t stay outside.

The idea is opposite actually but it is hard to be a leader like sadhguru.

Anyways, I just need one seat in here. Much easier than create a place like this.

This time I am not going to do that because I know I can’t create this one.

I think before Naga Pratistha it was a little easier to get in but then so many people applied for it.

It’s okay. If people are willing then they should enlarge themselves to accomodate everyone. And they are very much capable enough to do so.

This time I am not going to think about the Ashram as i am owning it.

But as a simple person and approach it in that way.

Nothing personal. Just I will be the way it wants me to be.

But i know for sure this is it.

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