How is the Experience of Linga Seva at Isha?

I am here at Second last day of the Seva.

I have tasted it.

And the program is designed for that only.

I am supposed to go back now and do some necessary things.

This place has no alternative. No replacement.

Eventually I have to come back but I have to make my world out there as well.

Initiation by Sadhguru.

I wanted to be initiated to Brahmacharya by Sadhguru.

But except that the entire Ashram don’t need sadhguru to be there.

It is working fantastic.

I am glad that he is living and I could see him.

But I can anyway come later to live an Ashram life.

Anyway the way everybody is here, no body will know if sadhguru leaves his body quitely and the news don’t spread.

Learnt the devotion.

The most important lesson was learnt. That is of being devotee.

And here I am doing amazing.

Even for a few days, I have lived my life to the fullest.

I was occupied and I was in a state of satisfaction and fullfilment.

The bhakti sadhana would go with me for sure.

What is next?

Wherever I live I would take an image if Sadhguru and would do guru puja.

The Dhynalinga is a possibility and so the Sadhguru, and I just want to keep them alive within me.

Again no plan what exactly should I do but I will make it.

What not to do here?

In last meeting some people said that the devotion is not coming out and some complaint about some stuff.

You have to understand that in a way we are on the fast track because of the intensity of the work you are doing here.

The work with a grate devotion and detachment can take you to dissolution of karma and liberation but the same work will bring tremendous karma if you fail to have devotion and detachment.

Nobody knows which one is the right direction.

But make sure your soul feeling right despite of the work is hard or easy. Do it with a sense of devotion, it will work wonderfully.


I remember they had decorated the ashram in a way on Diwali.

But that is not the best part of it at all.

In fact, that was nothing compared to what they have turned this place in to.

If you are willing this very place is desined to support you the best in your sadhana.

I am not worried any more about not being able to initiated by sadhguru for Brahmacharya.

It is just a tag and respect.

But the lifestyle can be imitated very easily.

Just have to understand a few thing and enough information would be found on youtube or exculsive.

Thank You Isha For everything.


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