Are successful people arrogant?

Money is the cause of all evil!

Have you heard it?

Because of society, we end up believing in so many wrong perceptions like successful people are arrogant, flamboyant, they make evil things to make money.

Let me tell you what is the reality?

The Meeting with Avi Arya

Yesterday, I was in a meeting with Harry Ranveer and Avi Arya. And what Avi Arya said at the end changed my perspective towards seeing millionaires.

After recording the video, we were discussing some business stuff and once everything is done. Avi sir said,” Aur Harry, sab bahdiya?, How is everything going? ” then he continued with a concerned tone, “If anything goes wrong or you feel stuck or uncomfortable in life, or whatever happens then call me” looking downward. Then he said, “not as a businessman, but as a normal human being, or guide, or mentor as we know each other outside of the business”

The way he said it, showed tons of things about him and I would like to write some of them…

  1. Generosity: He was giving back to society without ego, without any expectation, with a full heart of love.
  2. Humbleness: He considers Harry as another human being, not as a business partner, he took the relationship beyond business.
  3. Wisdom: He knows that the Life of an entrepreneur is not easy, sometimes we seek the support of people who have made it big in their life. Because they have been through this path.
  4. Communication: He did not look in the eyes because It makes people uncomfortable.
  5. Love: there was a feeling in his voice.

The reality

You know what?

People who grow big in their life become more humble and down to earth, supportive and clear that humans and relationships are more important in our lives.

At the end of the meeting, the guest asked him one question, “One advice for young Entrepreneurs?”. Within no time he says, ” Khus raho bus”. Either he by hearted the answer or he must have experienced it so many times that it is at the tip of his tongue.

And the second one is true.

He says,” Like in exams we get stuck in short questions, multiple type questions and could not explore the long type. Similarly, young entrepreneurs are hustling in those multiple type questions. Just take them lightly, Enjoy the process”

Millions of dollars in the bank are just the by-product of who you are becoming. They are really genuine to each people who are working for them. Generally, the conversation becomes worse in B2B meetings. we talk about what is going wrong but going beyond uncovering the mask of an entrepreneur and recognising the soft side of a person and giving a commitment to help, just squeezed me down.

I felt like I was numb with the gratitude, tears rolled over my cheeks.

When someone does something naturally, caring and being genuine to people, it just shook my heart.

Then Harry said…

Once Avi sir left, Harry and we were in the meeting and harry asked me, ” where are you right now?” and continued, “In your village?”

I said, ” No I am in Bangalore”

He was surprised to listen to that because a few days ago he was here. He asked me “where are you living?”

” Marathalli “, I said. ” Why did you come here by the way”, He asked.

” I was feeling stuck at home, no improvement, nothing was growing, I was stagnated. ” I said.

He said, ” Cool, man If in case you need a flat in Bangalore then let me know, I have some people there in this startup field I will help you meet them and you will also enjoy staying there because it’s Unisex.”

I did not say this in the previous question. but this was my ultimate reason for coming here to Bangalore

Unconscious Manifestation

I mean see the simple logic, what I am doing here can be done at home. Why did I move then? To make contacts, build relationships and grow in my life. Every day I am hustling to make contracts, and talk to people at the roadside, in parks, and in saloons. knowing these are the people who can’t help me but still trying hard that somewhere my luck might click and I meet someone who could help me meet some more people and the chain grows.

I just could not understand for a moment what is just happened to me.

I got so excited that I literally danced. I danced hard.

I have always celebrated my success and failures alone but I wanted to include Nitish Bhaiya this time because something is got manifested that is there in my heart.

What’s next?

So, I will connect to harry after the 15 April. When I will get the salary and I will go there and meet those people and make sure to shift if they are in the same field as me. It does not matter that I can adjust anywhere if I have good people around me.

And hopefully, I will be able to give back to them and motivate them to do more, be better in their life and whoever keeps me around will be forced to push themselves into self-restricting mindsets.

One thing both the incidents prove is that when someone is at the top they are always looking to help. If you can reach them in the right way they would be happy to help someone.

The second thing is when something is in your heart, and you are constantly putting steps then it will manifest in a moment. Just having patience and faith in the universe is important.


Swapneswar Barik.

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