3 killer tips to tackle hatred on social media?

It hurt the most when we get hateful comments. It makes us feel bad and breaks us down.

In this article, I am going to share 3 killer tips of successful people who have tackled 1000s of haters in their life and turned them around.

Those three personalities are…

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk
  2. Naveen Pattnaik
  3. Sadhguru

How does Gary Vee tackle hatred?

Gary Vee is one of the most loved personalities on social media and is also sometimes hated. He is not hated because of saying something but because of some people’s mentality.

One day he got one hatred comment and his approach was this…

” Hey, I am sorry. It bothered you so much, I had no idea about this. Let me know how can I help you?”, said Gary Vee.

The next moment the guy replies, “Sir, great fan sir, great fan”

This also speaks about the quality of hatred. These are the people who want love in their life but just because they don’t get the attention they turn violent. They feel the world is not supposed to revolve around the sun but around them.

How does Naveen Pattnaik tackle hatred?

Naveen Patnaik is one of the sharpest politicians India has ever seen. He didn’t only manage to rule over Odisha for 20 continuous years but never let opposition stand against him.

He is so sharp that, he uses his opposition for his own plans for promotion.

Kalia Yojona Case study

In the last election, he launched one program called “KALIA YOJONA”. It was for all the farmers for their betterment. Not only this but he keeps on bringing such plans for the people of Odisha.

He usually brings the plan in such times that hurt the opposition the most. When the opposition gets hurt, they tweet about his propaganda. News channels speak about them, make debates, and all.

Every people try to oppose what he is doing by giving so many numbers, figures and all. But all this while they never stop using the name “KALIA”. People in the village who do not even know about them get to know about it.

You might be getting questions in your mind that…

What about defame?

Smart people would go and check the plans by themselves and will get to know what is the truth. And idiots are not worth impressing.

So, for us, we can stop here.

Whoever speaking negatively about us is essentially doing our promotions and smart people will figure out what is the reality.

However, Naveen could not take it for granted by thinking I don’t have to impress normal people who are not smart. So, the thing is all of his plans were for those normal people.

So, smart people will know by themselves and innocent villagers will get benefited, so they remember the benefit than the talk of someone.

How does Sadhguru handle destructive criticism?

According to Sadhguru, what is going outside of you is not your business. what is going on within you is 100% yours. Let people say whatever they want, it is their right and anyways you can’t stop it but never let those words get inside of you.

he says, “It takes Asatoma Sadgamaya – to constantly move towards truth, towards what works”.

A whole bunch of smart people are not action-oriented and they choose to detach themselves from all the nonsense of the world. whereas all the idiots are more action-oriented with their limited knowledge, thinking they know everything about the universe and doing all sorts of nonsense.

If all smart people become more action-oriented then the problem is solved.

Sadhguru is more concerned about the direction of the society else, in the end, the idiots only win, because smart wise man chooses not to fight and withdraw themselves.


You choose which is the best path.

For me, when I get some negative comments, it doesn’t really bother me. which somehow relates to sadhguru.


Swapneswar Barik

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