Getting rid of a mediocre money mindset.

It says, except for Lakshmi and Kuber rest of the world needs money. This article is about three important rules for attracting money.

The more you get rid of it more it gets attracted.

Somebody knocked on the door and I opened it. It was sweeper of our pg. She gets in and started doing her job. I had talked to her before that she is from Nepal and because of some reason she is here in Bangalore.

I asked, “How long have you been here?”

She replied, “It’s been a year now!” It was after covid she moved here.

“When did you last time go home?”, I asked.

“I could not gather enough money”, she said and added, “there is a huge need for money in our home”

Before she could say anything my phone rang and I got involved on the phone but after she left my heart said, “WHy did not you offer her some money?”

Mind said, “Do you have enough for yourself?”

Well, the answer was no. But in reality, money gets attracted when we get rid of it. In fact, Siddharth Rajsekar founder of Internet lifestyle Hub speaks about giving 10% of his entire money to charity. Puja Puneet one of India’s top life coaches speaks about charity. Because according to them these kind of work helps you attract more money.

But, how can this be possible?

This must be a lie. Because technically if you get rid of the money you run out of it. I know most of you are still not convinced and neither I was till March 2022.

I was at home for the last 2 years now, I was doing business from home and doing a good amount of money sometimes and sometimes not. I was not doing any job because I did not want to. And over time I came to a halt. I was stagnated. time was passing but I was not moving. that is when I decide to move to Bangalore.

I paid ₹5000 rent for Pg and I had no money.

I approached Videopreneurs to get me a job. They gave me a job. and in that month I made ₹5600. technically I sponsored my own living. Then I worked for another month and so far I have already touched ₹10,000. So, now if I pay ₹5000 as rent, still I am left out ₹5000 more. But the month is not ended yet.

The point is if I would not have moved from home and not given ₹5000 as rent I could not have attracted the money. This helped me understand more you get rid of it, the more it gets attracted.

Don’t back off, Attack.

When you are earning a decent amount of money, you are more likely to reduce your expenses so that you can invest it further or play safe.

This is the attitude of normal middle-class people because I was behaving the same.

When I calculated the amount of money that I am earning in a month and the amount of money I would like to invest and the amount of money I would like to save, I found myself earning very less money.

I felt the big chunk of my money is actually taken by the rent. what if I will save that, I can use that money to invest somewhere and do something more with that. Then I am planning how can I set up wifi in hone, How about the circumstances would be there etc.

After coming here one thing that has happened to me is I have earned more money than I thought and why not approach the same pattern. Instead of thinking about how to compromise on something to get something else going, let’s think about how more can I attract.

We play defensive only when we believed that this is the amount that is going to come at max and we have to manage with that. But that is not the truth. What if you earn more still we can solve our problem and I won’t have to leave this place either.

So, let’s work more, focus on our karma and the things that belong to us will manifest themselves.

When you realise, you need more money than you are earning, instead of compromising on the things, say more money is going to come.

The problem is with how?

This is the most uncertain question in the world. Nobody knows how and from where you are going to attract your money.

I remember the story of Mr Rahul Narvekar the founder and CEO of The India Network. Once he was working with a certain company in the 90s and that company needed to raise ₹5,00,000 for sponsorship to set up a music system. His wife was working at a radio company and he suddenly met one person there it was like magic that even though he does not know how it happened, the conversation went to sponsorship.

The company asked, “how much?”

Even Mr Rahul Narvekar does not know what happened but instead of saying ₹5 lakh. he just said ₹1… Now, the radio company negotiated with him that they can give up to ₹70- 75 lakh.

They had to raise ₹5 lakh and they end up raising ₹70 lakh and then he later got a promotion as well.

In one of my articles I have shared, how a 6 years old boy came up to me and handed me a ₹50 note when I was doing something pure.

so the question of how is gonna happen is always remains a mystery. The only thing that you are supposed to do is get your head down and work. let the universe decide how it can be manifested to you.


Swapneswar Barik

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