My fake perfect life on screen

One of the things that I am scared of as a creator is that I might not end up discouraging people by portraying a perfect life on social media.

So, today I would like to tell you the truth.

Am I fake?


Then how can I be so perfect on screen?

That is because I post when I am happy and I don’t post when I am going through low moments. Even if I try, what can I post about how terrible I am feeling?

But, I can share the story after I come out of it as a lesson. So, here is it…

You need one anchor

Having a goal in your life does not mean that you will end up achieving it within the scheduled time. It is essentially there to give you direction.

Yesterday, I watched a movie called “Kaun Praveen Tambe?”, It was a great story of a cricketer who got his breakthrough as a professional cricketer at the age of 41. A very inspiring story but I am not allowed to watch it. When you are on a mission you can’t let anything distract you even if it’s a positive thing because everything that you consume conditions your mind.

Now, the 2-3 hours that I spend watching that movie, my mind was completely out of my business. In the evening, I spend a good amount of time with Nikita and today in the morning I started scrolling Instagram like a zombie.

When I realised, I am losing my grip on the pattern that I have created for myself, I deleted Instagram. This is not the best way to keep me safe because controlling others is never always the option. I have to build that level of discipline that even if the best thing in the world is kept in front of me, I would not get distracted.

I opened my diary, and wrote my goals and vision to remind myself why am I here and what I am supposed to do now! It gave me an important lesson that reminding yourself of your goal is essential because the neural pathways become weaker over time if blood flows do not happen in them. So, reminding yourself of what you want to be is essential.

We work better under the hanging sword.

When there is someone to beat us, we work better. But when you are your own boss. You actually behave like a boss. You work based on moods.

Two weeks ago, I had a conversation with Nitish that we will be accountability partners for each other. That helped me in certain situations to push through. But today, when I felt myself off track I noticed that I have stopped doing that for the last few days.

I found myself behaving over smart for being able to work for long hours these days.

So, the next moment I corrected my mistake and sent a message to Nitish, what is the one thing I would like to do today, and I did that.

I also started doing the project that I had to do from the videopreneur and completed it even after my body unconsciously tried to get me out to feel comfortable. I forced myself to sit and got the work done.

Stay alive

This is one of the greatest facts about the human being that we can do things subconsciously. It helps us save a lot of our energy. But your subconscious brain is the dumb one.

Anything that you do two-three times consecutively feels that may be an important task.

Everyone feels the main reason for falling into the trap of social media is dopamine injection. But, that is just the consequence. which we can’t even control. The main reason is our subconscious actions.

We can’t either take control over the subconscious action but if we can gain consciousness then we can help ourselves to make better decisions.

Now, living life in subconscious mode is on autopilot mode or dead mode, which is necessary but it is better if we live our life consciously. Because living life subconsciously helps us get things done but does not give us the proper taste of doing that thing.

It is important for us to give 100% involvement and complete submission in order to do the best of our possible, else we will always have this in our hearts, ” I could have done better!”


Swapneswar Barik

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