Are you blocking your own Manifestation?

Often we are so obsessed with predicting the future that we end up blocking our own manifestation.

Kaun Praveen Tambe?

Praveen Tambe is an Indian cricketer who got his breakthrough at the age of 41.

Just Imagine for a moment, you have a big dream. You go after it. You try hard, but you don’t achieve it. You keep on failing and this process continues. What is the ideal time to quit if you don’t achieve your dream?

It’s never.

But, what about your age? What about society? what about responsibility?

We believe that there is some reality that exists.

It’s exactly the same as we believed that humans can’t fly. We believed that it was fact and reality.

We have tons of example in the past that tells us that the Impossible can happen. But, today if someone is 41, we accept that he can’t play cricket because that is the age people generally retire.

Forget about cricket, let’s talk about us!

Imagine, if someone is preparing for UPSE for the last 5 years now? If someone been trying Entrepreneurship for the last 10 years now? If you are trying for something for the last several years now?

For outsiders, it can easily be seen that you are wasting your time and life. and sooner or later you also start believing that you are wasting your time and life. So, what does that mean?

Are you done?

You know we are so result-oriented that we never do anything because of the process. Every single time we are doing something because we love the process not only for the end results, you never fail in life. However, it is possible that your results might get delayed, but the experience in itself is a win.

The problem is this… if someone failed 5 times in the UPSE, we accept that he doesn’t deserve it. Or a person who failed in entrepreneurship multiple times, we accept that he is not an entrepreneur. And if you fail at a certain thing multiple times you accept that you are a failure, because you try to predict the future with the past record and current circumstances.

The reality is that we are so obsessed with predicting the future that we forget that we are humans. we don’t work on the basis of numbers. Every one of us is unique and can be one exception.

It does not matter what your track record says, just one incident in the process can turn you around.

May it be cricket or Life, one good over changes everything.

And if you are not doing it from your heart, you are not enjoying the process, doing it because your life will be settled, or someone else has told it to you, god bless you but affirmation and visualisation won’t help.

Our problem is we tell what we want, but we ain’t accept what the universe offers. If it takes a little more time to give us what we want, we change our paths and tell the universe that we want something else now believing we may not deserve the previous one. We are so attached to what we want that we don’t even expect that universe could give us better than this.

I remember Sadhguru once saying, ” I wish your dreams never come true, I wish you get what you have never dreamt of”. Life has a lot to offer but unless we allow it to happen, how are things gonna happen.

Stop being obsessed with the future prediction, because life is uncertain and that is the most beautiful part of it. Focus on your karma, and let the possibility occur. Go with the flow and the best will happen to you.


Swapneswar Barik.

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