If you think about the world who will take care of you?

The basic theory of earning money is, getting good marks in college and then getting a good job and earn a lot of money.


So, everybody in this world doing jobs and business for money.

But, there are some people who are just doing their duties and attracting money. They are not at all focused on money, yet they are attracting an abundance of it. Because their intention is pure.

Let me explain…

I remember I was holding the poster of save soil in my hand, standing on Marathalli bridge, making people aware of the save soil movement started by Sadhguru.

Every person passing by looking at the poster and moves on. I am counting the numbers of people who are reading that but not taking a minute to take a selfie and share it on social media. The count crossed 100 and I was still standing.

It was the moment I started looking dumb to myself.

” common Swapnesh! what are you doing? Smart people do not have time for this! why are you wasting yours?”, My mind screaming inside my head.

Then I remember why I started?

I have been a follower of Sadhguru and whatever he says, makes so much sense to me and makes me guilty why am not I seeing this part of the reality? why are we stuck as humans? why are not we doing the things that are supposed to be done?

Saving soil is one of them. ( more about it on savesoil.org)

Now, Sadhguru was so serious about it that he took a vow to ride 30,000 kilometres bike ride to make people aware of this. One day, someone asked him, ” why are you doing this? why do you care?”

Sadhguru’s answer was very simple, ” why are not you doing it? why don’t you care?

So, I thought let’s make a poster and do something out of the box. I know nobody would care but I do. This is my planet and I care for its future of it. Today is good but tomorrow may not be. And being a digital creator I know I can make at least 1000 people aware of it.

At that moment when nobody came to me to take a selfie, I realised, the cause for which I am taking a stand is way bigger than me. All people on this planet are living for themselves but I love living for others and when I talk about earth How can I won’t stand for this.

Definitely, nobody was coming but I knew deep inside that I was doing something good.

I continued showing the poster to the people who were passing by and suddenly one person came and then a couple of others came and by the end of the day 14 people took selfies with me.

These are the people who care for the Earth.

I attracted something valuable

The next day, I went and something happened and it melt my heart.

It was a similar day, some people were noticing and passing by and some generous people taking pictures with me.

Then there came a 6-7 years old boy, looking down stretching his hand towards me with a ₹50 note.

I just did not know how to react to this. Because neither I was a beggar nor I was doing this for money. I just said, “who gave it to you?”

He replied, “My mom!”

“What ‘s your name?”, I asked. I tried to pronounce it three times and still pronounced it wrong.

I said, “you go and buy something with it, but sorry I can’t take it.”

When I reached back home I realised this.

  • There are people who want to help but can’t help by themselves because they don’t have enough time.
  • When you take money, for this kind of noble cause, they feel respected and proud that they could be able to contribute to it and
  • to do good things in the world you still need money.

This is what you will realise when you put the world first, keep your intention pure, people can see it and the amount of love and blessing that they gonna give is enormous and in the end, some of the genuine people who support you and your mission with money out of nowhere.

We are scared that if we start thinking about the world who will think about us.

Can I tell you something, try to have a vision beyond yourself. The vision will take care of you.


Swapneswar Barik.

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