Balance the brain before you go crazy – Dimension of Intelligence

I have heard people say that it is hard to shut the mind. No matter how much meditation they do, it is just not enough to handle the brain.

Often people think this is a bad thing.

But to be honest, nothing better than this could happen to them.

Let me explain…

Human Intelligence

There are very few people with high IQ.

Have you seen what happens to them? you will find them the weirdest.

Not because these people are weird, but because they have opened some dimension of their intelligence that prevents them from living the typical life.

What I want to say is our intelligence is way more powerful than our body could withstand.

The platform is not stable enough to handle such kind of intelligence.

Now, the way we are handling the structure we are making it even worse.

That is why all of this anxiety and depression is coming. Our body is not sufficient for this kind of intelligence yet instead of making it capable, we are doing so many things with our body that it would lose its balance.

Believe me or not but that is what happens.

How does intelligence grow?

Usually, our intelligence is a little ahead of what our body can handle and if you do appropriate things with your body and bring it to a certain level of balance that it becomes perfectly capable of handling it but it does not stay there, your intelligence evolves.

It goes to the extent that your body can handle it through discipline.

Once you are disciplined with your body, your intelligence will start opening up its more dimensions letting to perceive the world in a certain way.

Now, that you handle that your intelligence will start opening another dimension and another.

As long as you are keeping your structure balanced your intelligence can evolve to the extent that we can’t even imagine.

A default intelligence is only for survival purposes but an evolved intelligence is to perceive the world, imagine something unimaginable, and create something impossible.

This needs a hell lot of mind space that a normal person can’t handle.

often it happens that if you give some normal people higher intelligence that they can manifest something real they just go crazy.

Tantric dimension of this

In Indian tradition, there is a technology called TANTRA.

This is the dimension of life where it requires enormous discipline to walk the path.

The masters are always with their disciples and if someone leaves the path in the middle they simply go crazy. This was one of the greatest ways to use your mind.

What you say visualisation, manifestation through the power of your mind is a very old method of tantra. They have been used to manifest life, energy and so many different things.

But it needs enormous discipline in how you are living your life.

Because every day your mind would be opening its dimension that you are unfamiliar with and you don’t have any clue that how to handle it.

You could see thing physically that does not exist there, you could perceive that is very subtle in nature.

Now if you don’t have a master and a stable body when such things happen to you, you would just be reacting to them and everyone who is watching you from outside will think you have gone crazy.

but you are just fine as life but just seeing something that is not present, listening to the sound that is very subtle in nature, the experience of time is completely gone.

It simply means you’re just a fine human being with wild imaginations and real experience of them.

How to bring your body to discipline?

simply by listening to what your body is asking of you.

you work hard you feel hurt but your body feels amazing, it becomes healthy.

You keep your mind running 24×7, but your mind feels fresh if it is shut for a while.

The kind of diet you have, the kind of people you spend time with, the kind of work you do and most importantly how you do all of them create your body a certain type of platform on which the most amazing thing is your intelligence has to balance.

Yoga is an amazing way to do it.

yoga also teaches you to perceive the world in a different and very safe way. this can enhance your intelligence to a certain extent that once you see and tell people, they would not believe.

Yoga is a very safe practice but it also asks you to be in discipline,

In the name of the yoga sutra, it says ” that yoganusasana”

It means now, yoga discipline.

Windows 11 in Pentium processor

What we need to understand is that this higher version of the software is installed in a very low-quality processor. Its potential of it is enormous but for that, the hardware also needs to support

Often we perceive thing the way they happen to us not the way it is.

It could be very easy to say what I am saying is rubbish but if you look at it with a certain level of attention you can see things as it is. That is the only problem of attention, it needs enormous discipline to reach there, I wish you be this way, this is going to give you an amazing experience of life.

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