The intelligence of our ancients

Do you think, we are the only generation with a curious mind?

People who came before us were not curious, they did not try to understand life!

This is not possible, right?

Maybe they were curious and they have figured out the life and the dimension we are exploring as science, they might not need to find it out.

I am telling you on a serious note that we need to look into what they were into.

I am very much sure that they have already figured it out. By avoiding them or not looking at them, we are starting it again from zero.

there is no problem with that, but this is not an easy journey for sure and if as a human you have to experience it all I don’t think 100 years either enough time to explore it all by yourself and know it by yourself.

So, take interest in our true history not in the fights, they are the history that should not be looked at, but there is some history that we don’t need to forget may not for us but for the next generation which is coming up.

Or else some of the people would realise this and regret that wish somebody had written all of them.

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