Ride the wave of emotional instability!

When you realise that the thoughts and emotion occupies your mind when your mind has nothing to do, you own the power to control them.

Thoughts and emotions are so powerful that you can’t run away from them but by changing priority and holding yourself up in those waves, you have a better chance to not only survive but also enjoy the painful experience of them.

If you have enough of evidence that something is constantly ruining the peace of your mind, it is the time to get rid of it, no matter how close that to you.

I tried to fix my relationship for 4 months now and it did not happen. The pain kept coming in every other day.

Because, when I was in my home I used to remain free alone.

I had nothing to do but think. Think about something that is beyond my control. This gives me tremendous pain and made me fall sick many a times.

The environment, triggers kept putting in my mind how miserable I am.

So, I choose to change the environment, get myself occupied with work. Started doing things that uncomfortable. and let the pain of emotions pass through me.

Human mind works in such a way that if someone or something does not come to your mind for a long time, they start to fed away.

So, the effort should not be towards not to think about them but to think something positive always. Because, when you say, ” I DONT HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT”. You are eventually thinking about that. But, you can not always think something positive and that is the moment my friend you will feel the wave of emotional instability.

Hold yourself up and it will pass away.

How long the wave gonna stay and what is it’s intensity is determined by the amout of effort that you have invested in that. But, certainly the length and the intensity will reduce if you let those blank space fill with someone or something else.

But, never let it crush you or destroy you.



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