A day that cleans up negativity of entire week! #4

The day started with a call to Bubu from someone elses phone and she shouted at me.

“I have told you not to call me”, ” I made a mistake picking your call up that day “, She was in such rage that I could not withstand it.

My heart beat picked up a rapid pace and a feeling of sadness waved all around my body, I could not say anything but to hung up the call so that she would not get more angry.

Later in the evening, I had an arguement with a co-worker.


Then in the evening I went upto that bridge. When I stand on it… I feel alone actually. So, I downloaded a podcast of kevin hart and started listening to that.

Yet, things kept moving on in my mind.

What I was thinking is that… I am victimising myself, feeling bad, and that is the reason why I am attracting it more and more.

I have to love and enjoy life.

And that is how I am going to attract more happiness.

So, I started waving on the bridge.

I was listening something, something else was going on in my mind, and I was dancing.

But, two things that I noticed from that podcast are…

  1. We start and finish (kevin hart)
  2. I respect you guys but you motherf**** can’t out work me (Dwayne Johnson)

I spend some more time on the bridge and came back to my room before 7.

I searched google and found a stage show of 39 minutes on Lord Shiv.

I put my earphone and started dancing with open hands…

Finally, the The Healing time came… I tried to be a little funny and humorous. Guess what! I did a good job there… I made people laugh.

But, that 2.5 hours of conversation with those people changes the mind into a positive direction, drains all the negativity, and fills you with hope.

What I felt was the Healing is literally helping.

That’s how the day ends.

But honestly, The Healing has a good future and I would like to build this.

May be I supposed to mail people to become the part of it and 5 people are the best in one team.

We would certainly try to help this younger generation suffering with pain and problems.



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