Go there, where money is! #1

How can someone pay you, when he does not have enough for himself ?

When I started my business, I usually target to the final year college students, and inferior working professionals, who are scared to speak in public.

(No offence)

But they usually dont have enough money, and whatever they earn, ₹1000 becomes a big chunk of it.

This increases the friction of flow of money, you need to put more effort to get the same amout of money.

What if you meet a person who have abundance of it ?

Reach to a millionaire mentor, and give all in. Do everything possible from your side to work under them.

This will help you earn more and Learn more simultaneously.

The watchmen of Mukesh Ambani must have the highest pacage of all the watchmen in the country, not because he is guarding something special but because Mukesh Ambani himself earn a lot of money.

This reduces the friction, and enhance a good flow of money. You also get the mindset and lessons what made them millionaire or billionaire. When you leave, you unconsciously make a lot of their characteristics an inherent part of you.

This certainly would lead you to attract abundance of money in future.

Journey is not simple, convincing a millionaire is not simple, and even if you succeed in convincing then changing your energy and vibing with them is not simple.

Even after everything is right still you may fall flat on your face when you will start alone.

However, If you can handle the pressure of uncertainty and make critical decisions, instead of loving comfort, love the pain of being uncomfortable, then it can’t be impossible.

Make yourself a millionaire.



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