Why one feels lonely even in a world full of people?

Reason for being lonely.

One of my friends messaged me yesterday, saying he is feeling lonely.

No friends, no family, and No one is there for me.

You must understand that you are not lonely because you don’t have someone there for you. But you can literally feel lonely even after having a million people around you.

Technically, you are not alone. It is just a feeling that someone should always be worried about your shit.

And here every one is worried about their shit until they are married. Even after marriage, people think of their own a lot of times.

So, the problem is not with the world.

The way you are thinking, the rest of the world is thinking the same way.

They are also expecting someone should be there for them.

The only thing to understand is that you need to be complete by yourself.

You must see that nature has designed you a complete life.

However, for certain manifestations, you may need someone else or a group of people but when it comes to life, you are just complete. That’s where the surrounding problem ends.

Loneliness is the creation of the mind.

You are not lonely because there is no one with you. You are lonely because you are not living an intense life.

You are living a constipated life. sometimes yes to something and sometimes no to some other things. Sometimes you are on, sometimes you are off.

The day you go full on, You become fully intense, whatever it is, it will yield.

The nature of the mind is such that it can manifest the impossible if is focused on something intensely.

You must have seen when you are busy with some certain work you won’t feel that loneliness.

This is because you are occupied by something.

This is not overcoming it but escaping it.

Your mind needs some substance to escape from the reality.

That is the single problem people are having. If there is a problem in their life it is fine. if there is no problem, they just freak out. So they end up creating a new problem.

We need to do the same thing consciously.

If there is nothing to do, just do nothing.

Do not do anything, don’t think anything.

The solution to loneliness.

The best solution is to sit and don’t let your thoughts play.

consider them as thoughts only. Don’t take them seriously. Right now the problem of the entire humankind is that they take every thought of them as a Laxman Rekha.

This the not the line of truth. this is not absolute. this is just a thought. discard it.

when you hold on to such stupid thoughts and make them a world by themselves. You freak out because they can make a false imagination into a real experience you end up believing that this is true and eventually manifest that in real life.

The only way to get over is to let the thoughts come and go.

You are not supposed to hold and go with any of them.

you be there and just let them come.

Don’t move, just sit in Ardhasiddhasana.

don’t avoid anything. Don’t focus on anything to discard. Don’t resist anything. let things happen. Whatever it is maybe, you just sit silently and still.

In 40 days you will see you are complete and the realisation of life will start happening to you.

Why I am alone and still feel complete?

You know, whoever I meet from another gender, they all say one thing that I am complimenting them.

Do I really complete them?

Actually no.

In the process of completing myself, I have walked a significant distance, and whoever I meet I could see them lagging far behind, so I go ahead and guide them so that they can make the journey by themselves.

Then they end up seeing what they want to have in their life I am having and they end up feeling I make them complete.

But truth is that I am not complete by myself and have yet to go.

And they have a sense of they are like that only, which is not true again.

They feel I am complementing them because I am only focused on them, all I worry about is food and shelter for myself. I do have desires but I burn them up without asking about them.

That is why so many girls see me as the right material for marriage across all age groups.

But instead of making me yours and binding me with yourself, see me as a possibility, offer yourself, I can’t transform you but I can bring a significant change within you.

But if you are not ready I will not do a single thing. I will just wait until you are ready and please be ready before I die.

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  1. Thanks for everything through which you let us feel and know many things through which our life is connected.
    I really appreciate your work.

    Thanks dear Swapnesh Sir.

    ~Niel Singh.

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