If your body is intact and in good condition; You still have time!

Never take your body for granted.

Never take any moment for granted, because you don’t know how long you have waited as a soul to get this body to complete your journey.

It is just the most essential thing in everyone’s life that they are still intact with their body and that is too in the best condition. To fulfil one dream you take a new body every century and nobody knows how long you wait as a soul.

You have to understand that…

Time is limited and it is ticking away. It is not the time ticking away but the life of the body that we carry.

After a certain point, no matter what we try the strength, agility, and energy in this body will deteriorate to a significant level making us incapable of doing a lot of the most important things.

Hence, we will have to wait for another body to fulfil the same dream.

The question what is that dream that we are trying to fulfil?

We will talk about it some other time.

I just want you to understand if you play the same game over and over again five times. You will get bored of it. You would like to have a little rest and most probably you will quit.

 If you want to consciously play the game then you are welcome and please do it. This is the greatest thing that you can do. This can solve most of the problems in the world.

Shaping the world.

If all the enlightened beings get together and plan to come together in the world in a new incarnation to give it a better shape then it will just be the best possible thing.

Definitely, there will be politics and power at different times but these people can come over and over again and continue their journey.

It is not an easy process but that is the best thing that can happen to humankind.

 It is important that everyone has a sense of freedom but in the name of freedom, they are creating a lot of misery for themselves. The intention here is not to colonise the world with spirituality but make this human life organised so that it functions well.

I know right now in the world FPP games are shooting up but there is no game in which people get together and create a better world. A place where everyone would love to live, Everyone would work their part as a karma yogi without acknowledgement but with complete selfishness.

Yes, selfishness!

Because it is much better if one becomes selfish about others than selfless about self. Because each body and life are important for every individual, so instead of becoming selfless we must be more selfish in everything that we feel we should do for the world which is eventually enhancing life.

Giving Away more to get more.

Usually to enhance this life people choose to do for themselves but you must understand every day that the control that you have in your hand about everything is just 5-10% and a very large part of the things that are happening to you is controlled by different people, situations, in short -Universe.

So, If you make the Universe better, then inevitably everything comes back to you since you are also the part of same Universe.

If all of us just give, we will receive everything.

It is better for a painter to do the paint job rather than you to do it for yourself…

Possibility but impossible

I know the world I am imagining is not easy since there are people who will still beg even after having a golden bowl. There is nothing wrong with them because they also have their desire of earning more money as I am having mine of seeing a beautiful world working together.

If everybody just drop the idea of what about me? And start working genuinely for others for their whole life, then inevitably everyone will move towards liberation with a certain ease.

You play as long as you want then leave with ease.

This body is not permanent that you have, never try to preserve it. Rather look for what you can achieve within the span. When you are looking for accumulating something see what really matters to you.

Seeing the entire life span at one stretch.

You can visualise the morning to evening and can imagine it very well, that is how the life span of this body works. It will come back again. It is essential for you to see it in one stretch rather than seeing it as I have these many days in my life.

Days mean nothing with respect to the ageing of a body since the seconds are also counted.

Here in life, the moments that you are losing every single second are more important than you are getting the next Monday.

The best thing is that for achieving a car or a bike or a big house you need many days and years of sadhana. But to get to the absolute Soonya stage of spirituality one day is 86400 seconds.  It is too much time.

24 hours is too much if you can sit. Once you go deep into it within one second there is a world by itself and once you stay there, time will pick the pace, you will be blasting with a sense of bliss within and the time will roll away.

That is what most people are looking for in their whole life but through the path of misery. If you are at a certain ease and putting in the effort then it makes sense otherwise if you sit only the experience you have is way more blissful than what you are getting from these small achievements.

As long as the body is attached.

You have to understand that you can do all of this when you have the body sticking to you.

Once it is gone you will just wait for it so that you can be free. You don’t have to prove anything to anybody since everybody is going to die within 100 years from now, nor your body will be there so, this is not just the life for picking up the pebbles, as soon as you get mature and start seeing the bigger picture then it is very easy to observe.

I have one guy in my workplace and he is very curious about everything when I started explaining about life and death he always gets uncomfortable when I speak about death.

That is the problem with most people in this world. They don’t want to die which is not possible and though they knew somewhere deep inside that they are going to die they still want to discard that truth from their life.

Unless the idea of death is not changed and they have not accepted that as a part of life itself that they can’t die either. They will be torn apart because dying could be a conscious action, since you are not doing it by yourself and nature is ripping you apart it is never a natural death. It is the earth that will take itself back in the form of a body after a certain time, you can’t just hold on to it.

Mortality changes our vision.

This is not something that you don’t know but it is best that you start accepting all these things Because the moment you act like a mortal whole action and effort you put into something changes.

What do you think he should do if someone has to leave the earth right after 3 hours?

He would not get a beer and watch television, he would sit for a while and reflect back on his entire journey, right at that moment neither family matters nor the money that you have invested in your life to accumulate it.

This is the moment that you and I are not so far from. It is just a matter of time, which is anyway ticking away every moment of time. So having a body in great condition is not a thing which you should take for granted, it is the most important thing in the world and it should remain at least for you.

– Swapnesh

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