Spiritually is the effort to make you inward!

Freedom from Desires

The entire effort of spirituality is to make you aware of the spirit so that you don’t strive for unnecessary desires.

Now Spirituality is not against the strive but it is with freedom.

During striving for something the anger, resentment, jealousy, likes and dislikes, that you bring to your life, it wants you to be free from that.

If you are striving without getting touched by any of these, that is called karma yoga.

That is the best thing that you can do.

If you are getting touched by them then the best path is to go inward.

When you turn inward, inevitably all your dreams and desires disappear since you have the best possible goal that a human being has ever had.

Remember? How you left the bicycle which used to be one of the most important things for you when you got your bike. It is because, every time we get something of an improved version, we leave the older one.

It is exactly what will happen when you get touched by the real nature of yourself.

The setting of a new Goal!

See, a human being is incapable of sitting silently without doing anything and that is why they are striving for something every day.

Now, when someone is striving for something he or she sees some value in it.

Now, the value that a person sees in an object is not real it is a value that is either projected by society or the fake imagination and acquiring that object gives a fake feeling of achievement.

But the reality is that be it a beautiful car or just a piece of iron there is no difference.

A car is more useful but it is not something that practically can give you any happiness. Happiness on the other hand is something that you produce in the form of some neurotransmitter in your brain.

Now, if you understood this then why don’t you produce the same chemical for just a piece of iron but a car? This is not justified.

Because to achieve this level of happiness you had to strive a lot and during the entire journey, you suffered hell as well.

Magical cocktail.

On the other hand, when you turn inward, you experience something magical inside.

You experience something that is beyond the perception of your sense organs, in the first phase you just stay in awe, that what is that?

The inertia of this surprise stays there for days and once you are entangled in the societal work you again feel the need for it.

That is when you sit silent and you start manufacturing the cocktail of chemicals within yourself that you naturally bliss out.

Now, to get happiness you don’t go out gathering metals or money but you sit.

Solving a problem is creating another!

People might have another misconception that gathering pieces of stuff is solving the problem that they had but that is untrue.

Since every solution comes with another 10 problems with it.

Just to get a clear understanding you can take a mobile phone; it solved the biggest problem of humankind of communication but then it also increased 10 different problems starting from normal phone recharge to psychological traumas.

People are becoming zombies with their phones.

Reaching the Ultimate.

But the moment you sit and bliss out all you want is food once in a while to survive but nothing else. You never try to solve any problem neither you create a new problem, you are away from the loop of creating and solving problems.

However, when you sit, every time you experience something more and more.

You go more deep into it trying to explore how deep it is, You make the significant part of the entire journey by yourself and rest someone as a guru helps you to cover it.

When you reach the ultimate, you never come back, even if you come back you see the world with a loving eye and feel like you have lived the life. Rest whatever you do, it creates a significant impact on the world but you still remain untouched be it good or bad.

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