Sadhguru made it possible! – 4000

4000 Peaceful Volunteer

The Isha Yoga Center accommodates 4000 volunteers.

All are living in Harmony.

There is a brotherhood.

There is a divinity in the culture.

Despite having people from different corners of the world the community runs smoothly.

How did he do it?

Fight inside households.

Forget about outside, but people are biting each other under the same roof.

How can you expect peace in the world?

There are so many personalities, identities, and beliefs out there.

People are scratching each other because of this.

Dissolving the self.

Just by turning all of them inwards, Sadhguru dissolved the identities, beliefs that people had gathered for years.

It is proof that if 4000 people can do this then the rest of the world can also join.

People here are not different from those who are outside.

Everybody has a good side and a bad side.

When they are outside the good side is for the closed ones and the bad side is for the rest of the world.

While in the Ashram, the good one is for the rest of the world and the bad side is in the progress to dissolve.

The Presence of Devine.

I don’t know how Sadhguru made it but just this much is a lot.

I don’t know about Enlightenment but if he can do this to the entire world then I am willing to give all of me for this mission.

Because I know I can’t do it by myself but I want this to happen in this world.

Where people can live.

When I say the world I mean it.

Where people can live. Because now people are just dying in instalments.

It is absolutely fine if nobody becomes enlightened but if everybody lives just live. I am not saying happily but just living, that much is fentastic.

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