#14 It’s not a Joke, What I left for this!

I was going through Instagram and saw some people living the life that they want.

It could be the one with ignorance but a life that they want.

They might be struggling but they are putting genuine efforts to achieve things and getting some of it.

I saw someone with Iphone who started a 10,000/- per month job.

I heard people with 27LPA packages.

What could not have I don’t with that much amount of money?

I have been a curious guy with an unimaginable amount of enthusiasm.

Why did not I go after money?

I know I need money.

The work they are giving. I could have done joyfully.

And a person like me could have used them in the best possible way.

Because I know I have a real need for it.

Now that I have left that path and kept myself on the journey that I have no idea about.

I might make that much money through the stock market.

But since I did not pick that path I have lost something significant.

Now that I have chosen something. There should be no regret looking back and I have to go after the thing that I am here for.

this does not mean I will be serious enough and will not have fun or something but the fun things are done for me.

I have done and dusted them long ago.

If one wants there will be fireworks all their life here and there with changing people and changing situations. But do I want these fireworks?

That’s why there is a little seriousness needed and conscious attention needed for inner growth.

To have this time in the Ashram I have waited a long time and have given the price for it.

How can I let this just go away simply like this?

The regular day-to-day issues will be there. People will be saying something and things will be happening on this journey but the path that I have chosen for myself needs sincere effort.

A certain dedication.

yam and Niyam.

I need to remain aware of the reason why I am here for.

If I forget the fundamental reason and just live then that is not worth it.

I am wasting my time and the resource of the Ashram’

If I am serious then my entire life should radiate the same.

This is not just a job but the seva that I have to as they are telling it to me.

But beyond that, there is no reason to be with anyone.

I am not avoiding.

It may seem like that but all I am doing is trying to channelise my energy.

Going towards everything will not yield.

I am not avoiding anything because I have already done them

I must remember.

It is just that I am forgetting the fact and trying to put myself back into the mud.

But that is where I have to save myself.

because the dedication dn necessary sense of focus and attention to discipline is needed.

Break everything but don’t waste your time doing anything else.

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